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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 13 ‘True Colors’

Image Credit: The CW

Last night’s episode saw some major twists and turn for the Flash and his friends and there’s really no way to preface it other than to say there are spoilers beyond so hold onto your hats!

We open with the Warden talking to Amunet. He has brought her to his secret metahuman prison lair and shows her all the metas he has available for her. Turns out they are all the bus metas plus Barry and Amunet wants them all. The deal will take place at midnight.

At his office, Ralph finds an old acquaintance who wants help, but Ralph explains that he’s no longer shady like he used to be. Meanwhile, Iris and Cecile go to visit Barry, but the Warden lies and says they can’t see Barry because he got into a fight. However, Cecile can read minds right now so she quickly discovers he’s lying. She reveals this to Team Flash back at STAR and they struggle to figure out what to do next when Ralph shows up and complains about the guy in his office only to shapeshift into him. Suddenly, they have a plan to have Ralph use that new power to help Barry.

The Thinker and The Mechanic, who aren’t doing well relationship-wise, are creeping on the special metahuman prison. Not sure how they are able to have all these cameras everywhere, but okay. In his cell, Barry is trying to come up with an escape plan. This includes clogging a toilet and then stealing batteries from the repair person.

At STAR, Cisco and Caitlin help Ralph work on his abilities to shapeshift into the Warden, but that’s not going well. In prison, Barry manages to unlock his cell and unlocks the others as well and then sends everyone off on an escape through a manhole in the prison. They are going to use the sewers to get out.

Ralph takes his Warden act to Amunet’s bar and tries to talk his way inot things. It works! He gets to meet with Amunet and delay the buy, but he loses control of his shapeshifting and has too flee. In prison, Barry and the metas encounter the plumber and Barry has to hit the plumber to keep the others from killing the poor guy. It’s worth noting that of the group, Hazard seems to not only genuinely regret how her powers hurt people but wants to be a good person.

At STAR Ralph wusses out, again, because he ade a mistake.

At the prison, the group is almost at a place where escape is totally possible as they will get their powers back beyond that point. While Kilgore hacks the door manually, Barry chats with Hazard who confirms that she just wants to be a good person. Hazard is too pure. We do not deserve her.

Caitlin attempts to give Ralph a pep talk, but when that fails, Killer Frost does it. It not only works, but suddenly Ralph has a big idea.

At the prison, the group makes it to the courtyard and get their powers back just as the Warden shows up and tells the group that Barry is the Flash. This causes everyone to turn on Barry except Hazard who uses her powers to stop them. Amunet rolls up, but is blastd by The Thinker who showed up in his fancy chair that The Mechanic modified earlier in the episode. He then takes each of the metas except Barry, absorbs their powers, kills them, and then takes over Hazard’s body. And, because he can, he then kills the Warden before leaving. Cisco and Killer Frost show up to rescue Barry, but he won’t leave. He tells them to get him out of prison the right and legal way.

Cut to the courtroom. Cecile is stalling at Barry’s appeal hearing and the judge is about to dismiss things when the courtroom doors open up and in rolls Clifford DeVoe, the real one, alive and well on his scooter. It’s Ralph, having shapeshifted! The Mechanic is stunned which means she had no idea and therefore neither did The Thinker and after a bit of discussion with Cecile about the impossible in Central City, the judge clears all charges against Barry and he is immediatelyr eleased from Iron Heights.

At Joe’s house, everyone celebrates, but suddenly Barry figures out that DeVoe only took bus metas and, um, Ralph is a bus meta. Oh no.

And finally, back at The Thinker lair, The Mechanic is not happy with how things are going. No worries, though. The Thinker drugs her using the love drug from a previous episode to smooth things over for now.

The Flash is off next week for the Olympics but we will be back soon do see a new bus meta: The Fiddler! See you then!

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