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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 13 ‘Both Sides Now’

Image Credit: The CW

Welcome back! Last night was our last episode until April, but it didn’t disappoint when it comes to setting things up for the rest of the season. As always, there are spoilers beyond this point.

We open with Kara and the DEO showing up at the home of someone they think is one of the Worldkillers. There’s one heat signature in the house and they find the woman named Julia Freeman. It’s the same person we’ve seen in Kara’s vision. Julia has no idea why Supergirl is there, but things quickly go awry when Julia’s eyes go white and she develops crazy powers. J’onn manages to subdue her.

Over at L Corp, Lena and Sam are talking about what’s been going on with Sam and Lena reveals that she’s looking into getting some additional help for Sam’s role, but only because she wants her friend to take it easy and get better. Lena orders Sam to take the day off.

Back the DEO, they try to find the base for the Worldkillers using something found at Julia’s. Kara tells Alex it seems like something or someone simply took over Julia. Meanwhile, Mon-El asks for help fixing the Legion ship as he and he team want to go back home. Kara and Alex go to interrogate Julia, but her eyes are still white and she calls herself Purity. Kara believes Julia is in there. Alex does not.

Sam goes and gets Ruby at school and the pair go ice skating while J’onn takes Mon-El and Winn to check out his ship. Mon-El explains that his ship has lost power. J’onn offers the power source from his ome. Back at the DEO Kara keeps trying to lure Julia out of Purity but fails. Alex and Kara disagree about how to handle things.

The guys keep working on the Legion ship and Imra show sup to help, but Mon-El snaps at her and it’s revealed that things are off with the couple. Later, Winn notices that whatever it is he has in the lab has turned on. Not good. At the ice rink? Sam starts to turn into Reign and leaves, abandoning Ruby while at the DEO, Purity escapes, knocking Kara out in the process, taking the odd thing in Winn’s lab. That thing, by the way? A Kryptonian cache crystal found in Purity’s home.

J’onn brings Mon-El a drink and the two chat. Mon-El reveals that he and Imra have an arranged marriage, but he did come to love Imra. Now he’s very confused as he also loves Kara. J’onn encourages him to talk to Imra.

Lena collects Ruby from the skating rink. J’onn and Mon-El show up at the DEO. Winn gives everyone earpieces to stop Purity’s sonic powers from harming them. Rein, at her Fortress, is ordered to go find Purity.

And now, fight. Supergirl tracks Purity down at the subway. The heroes all come together to corner Purity, but she takes the fight down a level, literally. Purity ends up overpowering Supergirl, but Alex talks her into being Julia again. About that time Reign shows up and is about to kill Alex, but Julia offers herself up in exchange. Reign takes Julie and flies away to the Fortress.

Back on the Legion ship, Imra and Winn figured out the power issue. Mon-El tries to apologize to Imra, but she reveals that it’s time that she tells him why the Legion is really in National City. Elsehwere, Kara and Alex bond.

And then, Sam runs into Lena’s office trying to find Ruby. Lena reveals that she told Ruby that Sam is sick, and Sam freaks out for a moment and almost becomes Reign. Now, however, Lena seems to know what’s going on and with Sam back in control, Lena promises to fix things.

And that’s it for a little over two months. See you again in April!

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