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6 Diaper Bag Beauty Hacks to Maximize Your Time

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After having a baby, a lot changes when it comes to our lifestyles. But one of the biggest changes comes with how we manage our time. For the fashionable mother who enjoys pampering herself from time-to-time, it can hard to give up your beauty routine in order to make time for baby, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge. When it comes to beautifying ourselves, your baby’s needs can also play a big part in cutting down on the time you spend getting dolled up.

If you want to maximize your time while multitasking as the superhero parent that you are, head to your infant’s room to rethink your daily routine. All-natural, unbelievably gentle and easy on the wallet, nabbing secrets from items found in your very own diaper bag can actually save time, money and energy by swiping what you need instead of running out to the drugstore. Additionally, so many baby products are almost always formulated to be gentle and hypoallergenic, ideal for extra-sensitive skin types.

Baby Powder

Even with all the coffee in the world, the reality is we’ve gone days without washing our hair. While dry shampoos are helpful, baby powder is just as effective for lifeless locks. Use powder to freshen up greasy roots and added texture to flat tresses. Sprinkle a little bit in and massage throughout the crown and first few inches of your hair, which often get the oiliest, then brush. If your hair is dark, start with very little since it’s easier to add than take away. Moreover, baby powder can reduce some serious sweat sessions during those sweltering summer months. Dust a little on skin, feel fresh, and smell good for hours.

Baby Shampoo

Did you know your dingy makeup brush harbors bacteria? It’s true and super gross. If we’re investing money into our cosmetic kit, we should take care of them so they last longer. While beauticians suggest we wash our brushes every week, a mild formula like baby shampoo can help as it doesn’t harm bristles like dish soap. Start with a small blob in your palm and rub dry brushes through them, then wet, lather up, and rinse. Blot or with the brushes facing down, hang them up to air dry.


When we’re out with baby, we never leave home without extra diapers and wet wipes. But when we’re on our own and on the go, fragrance-free baby wipes are ideal for quick cleanup and removing makeup. Add a few drops of baby oil to a folded wipe and gently remove — it’s that easy. Guaranteed to leave skin feeling fresh and soft, baby wipes are perfect for those with sensitive skin too. Plus, they’re a cheaper substitute to makeup wipes.

Baby Oil

The smell of baby oil might have us believe it’s reserved for miniature humans, but the truth of the matter is it’s one of the best products adults can keep on hand. Made up of 98 percent mineral oil and 2 percent fragrance, baby oil boosts a slew of benefits. We know it can remove makeup, but it also moisturizes skin, softens hair before shaving, smooths lips, and heals cracked heels. As one of the trade secrets from the fashion world, models even use baby oil to prep their skin and create a natural looking gleam. And as if it wasn’t more of a miracle, baby oil massages are the perfect way to relax anxious or stressed nerves, while keeping relaxed.

Petroleum Jelly

It’s not called “wonder jelly” for nothing. Locking in moisture, this substantial salve easily substitutes for a luxury body lotion. Perfect for dry patches on elbows, knees and hands, petroleum jelly and its thick texture absorbs deeply into skin without aggravating or clogging pores. Providing a barrier between skin and Mother Nature’s elements, slather it on hands or feet before bed, cover with gloves or socks and come morning, your skin will be softer than ever. Additionally, if you’re low on mascara or brow gel, apply a little jelly on the tips of eyelashes for a glossy effect and smooth a pea-size amount over eyebrows with a brow brush.

Baby Lotion

If you look closely at the skin of rock singer and songwriter, Gwen Stefani, you’d have no idea that soft complexion is thanks to baby lotion. Stefani swears by Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion. The fresh smelling hypoallergenic cream leaves a healthy sheen on skin while forming a protective layer to keep sensitive skin from getting dry or irritated. Plus, skin will glow naturally without leaving behind a sticky or greasy residue.

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What are some diaper beauty hacks you swear by? Share with us in the comments below.

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