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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 15 ‘In Search of Lost Time’

Credit: The CW

Last night, M’yrnn’s Martian dementia created some interesting problems for Team Supergirl but may have also helped clear the air between Supergirl and Mon-El. Also, Sam came to a hard realization while under Lena’s care. Read on for our spoiler-packed recap of “In Search of Lost Time.”

We start with Sam and Lena. Lena is dictating notes, indicating that she’s kept Sam in a coma and has been examining her. She decides to bring her out of the coma for futher study.

At Kara’s apartment, the gang is having a game night and M’yrnn is adorble, as one would expect. J’onn chats with Kara about his father’s illness while they get wine, but Alex’s phone alerts with news of a fight at a bar. Turns out the woman who started the bar was a Kalanorian so they bring her to the DEO. Meanwhile Mon-El and Winn continue to look for the third Worldkiller, Pestilence.

In the super secret hospital, Sam wakes up and talks with Lena. Turns out Sam’s tests are normal, except for one that revealed her cells are changing. Lena also points out that all of Sam’s missing time matches up with Reign’s attacks so Lena tries to compare pictures of Reign to Sam to help Sam realize what’s going on.

Back at the DEO, Mon-El has a neat hologram from Brany that shows the big fight between Reign and Supergirl. They study it and start to figure out that Reign is vulnerable when she’s not on the ground. Winn shows up. He’s fixed Mon-El’s cool suit. J’onn brings M’yrnn to the DEO with him.

Lena is upset with Sam and insists she’s not Reign, accuses Lena of going evil. The conversation is tabled, though, as Lena gets a call that James is there. His conversation with Lena seems to give her an idea.

Mon-El starts showing Kara cape tricks, but things start to get weird. M’yrnn’s mental issues start causing psychic disturbances which leads to some aggression on everyon else’s part. Winn starts fighting with another agent to the point of nearly shooting him. Kara punches Mon-El. J’onn has to protect everyone while Alex breaks up the fight, but J’onn blames the Kalanorian. Kara and Alex go to check on her, but she’s having a seizure and speaking Martian.

Back at Lena’s secret hospital, Lena agitates Sam into turning into Reign.

J’onn chats with Kara and Alex and talks to them about what M’yrnn is doing. The elder Martian is trying to use an ancient ritual to save his memories. This may be causing the weird psychic issues for everyone else.

Sam wakes up and is confronted with video of herself turning into Reign and breaks down into tears. Lena goes to console her and promises to help.

Back at the DEO people try to get on with their day but when J’onn goes to talk to his father about things, M’yrnn’s psychic issue starts up again. Kara yells at Mon-El about how he was a crappy person. Alex shows up with a device that will let Kara stop the attack for herself and go help stop it for everyone. And that’s a good thing because things are bad. Even a White Martian has escaped, which prompts Kara to stay my M’yrnn’s side while J’onn handles it. After, M’yrnn willingly accepts J’onn’s help to deal with his dementia.

Sam calls Ruby and says she’s very sick. She then orders Lena to keep Ruby away as well as keep her location secret until she can be cured. M’yrnn apologizes to everyone at the DEO. James brings Lena dinner and they chat with James telling Lena if she has to keep secrets, it’s okay. Kara and Mon-El talk, and she admits that telling him off made her feel better. They patch things up as friends and go fly off together.

However, as they are flying, birds start falling dead from the sky. Pestilence has arrived.

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