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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 19 ‘Fury Rogue’

Credit: The CW

Leo Snart made a return appearance in the Arrowverse in last night’s episode of The Flash, but was he there to help Team Flash rescue a bus meta or was he there to help Barry deal with Ralph’s death? Find out in our spoiler-filled recap below.

We open with Harry in the time lair asking Gideon to tell him what’s going on. Turns out last week’s usage of the Thinking Cap fried his brain. Literally. Wells will slowly lose his all ofhis intelligence and knowledge because of damage.

Elsewhere, Barry and Iris are meeting with their therapist about Ralph’s death, but Barry acts like he’s not upset and totally fine. He claims death doesn’t bother him anymore and the therapist pretty much doesn’t buy it, reminding him grief will catch up with him. In the Thinker’s lair, Marlize is just so happy to have her husband back — Ralph’s powers let Clifford look like himself — but The Thinker is dismissive and rude to her. He’s focused only on the plan.

Back at STAR, Cisco tries to put on the cap but Harry stops him. Cisco then suggests that they need a second cap to outsmart DeVoe. Caitlin tells Iris that Killer Frost is still gone but before things can get too deep, there’s an alarm. The Thinker is going for Fallout and Team Flash needs a plan that The Thinker can’t guess. That plan? Go to Earth-X and get Citizen Cold/Leo Snart. Barry and Cisco arrive just in time as he’s about to get taken down by Siren-X. Barry, Cisco, and Leo breach back to Earth-1, but Siren-x uses her powers to hold the breach open and follow right behind them.

With Leo on the time it’s planning time. Barry says that ARGUS is willing to move Fallout to one of their safehouses, but they need Snart’s cold gun to chill Fallout down so he doesn’t overheat and explode. Barry also explains about the loss of Ralph and Snart does a little counseling of his own, telling Barry he needs to grieve. Harry and Cisco make the second cap but Harry sabotages it so it won’t work and will take a long time to fix.

It’s time to move Fallout, but Siren-X overhears and follows. At Fallout’s location at Tracy’s lab, Barry gives a pep talk and then they get started. Caitlin and Leo are in the truck with Fallout and after finding a post-it from Killer Frost, she tells Leo about the situation. He gives her some of his brand of counseling, too. Barry checks on everyone and then there’s pocket dimension activity. Yep, Devoe is there outside the truck. Barry tries to get DeVoe with the sonic scepter but he’s immune because of Ralph. It’s triggering for Barry and he freezes.

Siren-X uses this as an opportunity. DeVoe escapes, but she captures Joe, Caitlin, and Fallout. Leo and Barry get back to STAR Labs to inform the others. Cisco goes to the lab with the part needed for the cap, but Harry breaks the cap in half and ends up explaining to Cisco what’s going on.

The DeVoes are back in his lair and The Thinker is mad. He didn’t see this coming. Marlize tries to explain that despite being able to see all the possibilities he can’t account for feelings. Speaking of feelings, Leo talks to Barry again about grief but Barry refuses to grieve. Meanwhile, Siren-X takes her captives to the CCPD headquarters. Her plan is just to kill a bunch of people with authority the way her Nazi friends were killed during “Crisis on Earth-x”. Leo and Barry show up to try to stop her as she uses her powers to on Fallout to get him to explode.

Caitlin and Leo both have cold guns, but Siren-x knocks them back. Barry freezes with his grief and Leo keeps talking to him until Barry is able to function and knock out Siren-X. Leo and Caitlin cool Fallout down. Barry vanishes. Turns out, Joe finds him upstairs, crying about Ralph.

Back at STAR, Fallout has been taken to an impossible to find location. Cisco gives Leo a breach device so he can come back to visit anytime, which might be handy for a honeymoon as Leo and The Ray are getting married. Leo departs. Iris and Caitlin talk about Killer Frost and Caitlin reveals she misses Killer Frost, but she also ran new tests. Turns out that even without the dark matter, Killer Frost is still there. Caitlin just needs to figure out how to bring her out again.

Harry plans to leave, but Cisco convinces him to stay and tell their friends so they can solve it together. Barry and Iris go back to the therapist and Barry opens up about his grief. ARGUS has Fallout at a facility — and they let him use some VR equipment to imagine himself elsewhere — but we discover that DeVoe is creeping and is now even more focused than ever — much to Marlize’s sadness.

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