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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 16 ‘Of Two Minds’

Image Credit: The CW

The third Worldkiller arrived last night on Supergirl and that led to a little bit of conflict between Supergirl and her number one fan, Imra. Read on to find out how it all played out in our recap of “Of Two Minds.” Spoilers below!

We start with a woman passing out cookies at a bank. A banker eats a cookie and then gets a horrible nosebleed. As this is going on, Kara and company are checking out the dead birds from last week and they realize that the birds got their fatal disease by directly coming into contact with Pestilence rather than from one another. Then, a strange man shows up at the DEO, but it turns out to be Brainiac-5 who is using an image inducer as he sort of created a scene while buying apple cider vinegar. Winn then alerts them to the illness at the bank. More people are sick.

At Lena’s lair, she’s still trying to fix Sam and runs more tests. These tests seem to send Sam into a pocket dimension where she is confronted directly with Reign. Yikes!

At the bank, Supergirl and company check things out and ask questions determining that a quarantine is not needed but they do need to keep things chill. So much for that. Imra has rolled up and installed a force field, causing hysteria. Kara has to convince her to take it down so victims can get to the hospital. There’s tension, and Mon-El addresses it with his wife, suggesting that maybe Supergirl is right about how to handle things. As you can guess, that goes poorly.

Meanwhile, Alex tries to convince Supergirl to work with Imra despite the tension since she’s from the future. Winn comes in with what he thinks is the identity of the Worldkiller, but it turns out the harmless girl from the bank isn’t Pestilence. She is just another victim and lies died in her own home. Winn is confused that he was wrong and then his nose starts to bleed. He has no idea how he got the scratch that indicates how he was infected.

Supergirl and Imra end up talking about how Imra went Rogue. Imra tells Supergirl that she’s seen the horrible future and points out that Kara failed so she will do whatever she can to not fail.

In the pocket dimension, Sam and Reign’s confrontation gets tense with Reign trying to get Sam to surrender. Fortunately Sam wakes up.

Imra and Mon-El talk (also note that J’onn and Kara also had a chat with J’onn giving Kara a pep talk) and Mon-El realizes that Imra hasn’t been open with Kara about the real reason they came back. They argue. Winn comes in and notes Winn is worse. It seems the cure that they thought they had is wrong. Winn is worse and they need Pestilence’s DNA to fix things. Alex then collapses. She’s infected.

James sits with Winn, who is afraid to die. He then calls Lena to ask for help, but she says she’s already on it. Sam goes back to the pocket dimension to confront Reign who tells Sam she is going to kill Ruby. Sam wakes up and begs Lena to involve the DEO or Sueprgirl. Lena refuses.

At the DEO, Team Supergirl figures out that Dr. Grace Parker, the doctor from the bank, is Pestilence. THey track her to an insurance company nearby and off they go while Brainiac-5 secretly alerts Imra. The team shows up before Pestilence can infect anyone, but Kara’s efforts to talk her down fail. Unlike Julia with Purity, Grace wants to become Pestilence. The fight is on, with Imra there for it.

Pestilence appears to be getting the upper hand but then Imra catches her in a force field and uses a dart of some sort to kill her. It looks like it’s working, but then Purity rolls up and rescues her. However, the dart contains DNA so Winn and Alex can be saved. After it’s all over, Imra reveals that she lost her sister to The Blight so this is personal to her. The two agree to fight together.

Then, Brianiac and Winn reveal they can track Purity and Pestilence and found them at L-Corp. The Heroes burst in at Lena’s lair and discover Sam…and watch in horror as she turns into Reign an flies away with the other two.

This can’t be good. Until next week!

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