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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 20 ‘Therefore She Is’

Credit: The CW

Last night’s episode of The Flash gave fans a little more insight into The Thinker’s past as well as revealed his endgame. It’s a lot more sinister than you’d expect. Read on for our recap, complete with spoilers.

The episode opens up with a flashback. DeVoe and Marlize are in a lecture group at Oxford in a debate of sorts and DeVoe very much disagrees with Marlize, but it’s obvious that there’s some sort of interested between the two of them. In the present, Cisco is the lab when he gets a cube from Gypsy asking if he’s taking Breacher’s job.

Elsewhere, Caitlin is working on trying to bring back Killer Frost. None of her experiments work, though and it is revealed that something is wrong with Harry. He has to open up and tell everyone what happened to him — the Thinking Cap damaged his brain. Cisco says that he thinks it can be reversed and Caitlin says she can work on it full-time, but Harry doesnt’ want her giving up on her projects to save him.

We then see the DeVoes show up at Vandermeer Steel where The Thinker shrinks down a special alloy that Marlize than picks up to steal. A security guard shows up and The Thinker uses his powers to make the man shoot himself. Marlize is not happy. The next day, Team Flash discovers that the alloy is a solar panel that his highly efficient. They want Cisco to vibe it and find out where it is, but he needs to combine powers with Gypsy to be powerful enough to do it.

We then get another flashback of the DeVoes relationship. Theirs is not a healthy relationship, kids.

Gypsy shows up and co-vibes with Cisco. They see a dock with shipping containers, and one with the number 16. They show up, but it’s too late and the shipping container they needed was 18. DeVoe has taken what he wanted. DeVoe sends Barry far away and then knocks down Gypsy and Cisco before escaping. When Gypsy and Cisco get up, they fight about things and Barry discovers Cisco’s job offer.

Flashback again. The DeVoe’s move into a new home and while Clifford is out getting food, Marlize finds his journal. She reads it and when Clifford comes home, she confronts him. Turns out the guy has some terrifying and horrible ideas about humanity and technology and she is not pleased. Back in the present, Cecile visits Harry at the lab because Joe sent her. When she takes off her dampener, she reads Harry’s mind and the pair discover that even though Harry is having trouble holding onto his thoughts, Cecile can capture them and write them down. They get to work.

Barry and Gypsy chat about the situation with Cisco. Then they go back to STAR so they can talk together with Cisco. Gypsy and Cisco start talk about their relationship, but an alarm goes off. This time co-vibing does not work so they still have things to work out.

Another flashback. Marlize has left Clifford and is off in Africa working on a clean water project. Clifford calls and begs her to come back in a creepy, classic abuser way by using guilt, but Marlize stays strong. Strong, that is, until her camp is attacked and she’s hurt with Clifford on the other end of the line.

I the present, Gypsy and Cisco talk and they both admit that they dont’ want Cisco taking the job. Cisco also admits that he wants to not live on a different planet than her. They’re interrupted by Barry who announces to the team that the DeVoes are making a system of satellites to control quantum computers tos pread their “enlightenment.” Oh and now they’re stealing those computers. Barry, Gypsy, Caitlin, and Cisco go to take the bad guys out. Caitlin tries to bring out Killer Frost, DeVoe tries to choke Gypsy, Marlize has a hard time watching her husband kill another innocent person and somehow manages to stop him.

Back at STAR, Harry and Cecile reveal that they have figured out DeVoe’s plan. He is going ot use the computers along with his own powers to essentially make everyone on Earth stupid so he can rule. Later, Cisco and Gypsy go to Earth-19 and decide as a couple to break up. Cisco can’t seem to win with relationships.

Joe throws Cecile a surprise baby shower. Cisco is down and Barry chats with him, telling him he thinks they made the right choice. Iris and Caitlin talk about what she did with DeVoe and Caitlin is adamant about getting Killer Frost back.

Another flashback. Clifford went to Africa to see Marlize and suddenly she agrees that technology is the root of all eveil and that he is right which is really messed up considering how invested in tech they both are. In the present, Marlize is in his chair in the lair and Clifford tries ordering her around again. This time, though, she speaks up for herself. She’s tired of him hurting people, trying to take over the world, and abusing her. She says she’s leaving him and traps him in his own dimension.

Then, the episode closes with the Mystery Girl knocking on the door of the party. She gives them a “special deliver” of a really lovely baby bag and talks about the importance and preciousness of time. She disappears before anyone can ask questions, but we see her just around the corner. Turns out, she’s a speedster.

Until next week!

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