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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 17 ‘Trinity’

Image Credit: The CW

Last night, Supergirl faced off with the three Worldkillers while also making a dangerous attempt to save Sam. Want to find out how that went down? Read on, but just note there are spoilers below this point.

We start with Lena being questioned by the DEO. It’s a tense situation with all parties on edge. Supergirl asks how Lena was able to keep Sam/Reign contained and Lena reveals she used kryptonite, a troubling disclosure for Supergirl.

At the Fortress of Sanctuary, the Worldkillers begin a ritual that starts a solar eclipse. Sam wakes up in the strange pocket dimension we’ve seen before — we discover that this is the Valley of Juru — and the human forms of the other Worldkillers join her. Grace, the human behind Pestilence, is dead as she gave in and fully embraced her Worldkiller self.

Lena calls James to apologize about her secrets. She lets him in on what she’s been working on. Supergirl interrupts her call and chats with Lena, wanting to know if there is more kryptonite. Lena says there is not. While talking, Supergirl has a sudden vision of the Worldkillers performing the ritual. She then tels the DEO that while there is no apocalypse in the Book of Rao, there is mention of the Worldkillers performing something called a Blessed Darkness which is probably that eclipse.

How to stop this? Supergirl decides she needs to go to this dimension and stop them. Brainiac-5 is tasked with broadcasting her consciousness into the Valley of Juru. Lena and Alex will go with her. In the valley, Julia is having a breakdown as she’s being haunted by the deaths she caused. Sam gets her to calm down and focus only to freak out herself when she struggles to remember her daughter’s name.

Before going into the valley, Supergirl asks James to investigate Lena’s lab to see if she’s telling the truth about the kryptonite.

Ready to head to the valley, Brainy tells everyone he can get them in but that it will make them weaker. Supergirl tells Mon-El to get Alex and Lena out if anything goes bad and then away they go. The trio quickly discovers Grace’s body once they arrive, arm themselves with sticks, and go looking for Sam. In the real world, the eclipse grows closer and James, as Guardian, heads to the lab.

In the lab, James ultimately decides not to bust open the secured room and decides to trust Lena at her word. He tells Winn that there’s no kryptonite.

In the valley, Alex and Lena start trying to get Sam to snap out of it. After initially thinking they’re ghosts of people she’s killed, Sam does snap out of it and overtakes Reign to give the heroes a location of the Fortress of Sanctuary. In the valey, Reign tries to kill Lena, but Brainy pulls the women out. It’s time to fight in the real world.

The heroes descend on the fortress and begin fighting with Lena and Winn staying with Brainy on the Legion ship. The fight isn’t going well, but they manage to convince Julia to rise up against Pestilence and fight the others. Pestilence stabs Purity with her disease claws, but Purity responds by unleashing her sonic powers on her. Both of them die. Reign then absorbs their spirits and escapes as the fortress crumbles. Team Supergirl also escapes.

Back at the DEO, Mon-El and Imra celebrate the death of Pestilence as they believe they have stopped the Blight so now it’s time to go home — once Brainy figures out how. As Imra leaves, Mon-El looks less than thrilled about leaving. Supergirl informs J’onn and Alex that the fortress is gone, but there is no trace of Reign anywhere. Winn tells Supergirl Lena has no kryptonite. This prompts Supergirl to tell Lena that they are cool and have a clean slate.

Lena then chats with James. James admits he thought Lena was like her brother at first, but she’s proven him wrong. He then tells her that he’s Guardian and what he did in her lab, but that he didn’t go to the vault because he trusts her. Then Lena reveals that the kryptonite she had used? Oh yeah, she made that herself. Let us repeat: Lena can make kryptonite at will.

And in the final shot of the episode, Reign flies above National City and declares that Sam’s daughtr, Ruby, must die.

See you next week!

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