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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 21 ‘Harry and the Harrisons’

Image Credit: The CW

Last night, Team Flash joined forces with an adversary in an attempt to take down The Thinker. Did it work? Read on for the answer, but just know that there are spoilers below.

We start with Barry waking up in the middle of the night to find Iris not in bed. He locates her in another room working on an article that she wants to write to expose the DeVoes and their plan. Barry seems uneasy.

At STAR, Caitlin goes over the technology DeVoe is working on and recaps what we found out last week: he plans to use them to reduce the intelligence of everyone on the planet. No one has a real plan to stop him. Harry then talks with Cisco about his declining intelligence and they come up with the idea to check with the Council of Wells.

Caitlin comes up with the idea that they need to use another metahuman to deal with DeVoe, one who is immune to him. The only one she knows of is Amunet Black. The team isn’t thrilled, but they go with it, locating Amunet running an illegal gambling club as she hasn’t been running her old operation for awhile.

Harry and Cisco try to get the help of the Council only to be told no since Harry is now a “dumb dumb” so they create a new one, bringing new Harrisons around who, it turns out, were kicked out of the origina council. They don’t come off as particularly helpful.

Amunet is located and after a brief scuffle she comes with them back to STAR. She tells them that if she is going to take out the sattelites, she needs more of her metal shards but they were recently stolen so Barry heads off to investigate. As a side note, though, Caitlin pulls Amunet aside and makes her a deal. She wants Amunet to use a device to get Killer Frost back, and if she does, she will owe her a favor.

At the storage unit, they realize that Norvak stolethe shards so now they need to get them back.

Harry, frustrated that the new Council was essentially a weird therapy session is upset they don’t have a solution. The conversation takes an interesting turn, though, when Harry realizes he needs to approach things emotionally, not intellectually.

Amunet tells Caitlin that the device she had previously didn’t work. It was all Caitlin. She just has to figure out how to bring her back within herself. While they chat, they figure out Norvak’s location. Turns out he’s trying to sell the magic shards to some people, but Team Flash and Amunet show up to stop him. Norvak poisons Barry with his snakey eye which means it’s all on Amunet. She wants to kill Norvak, but doesn’t. She ends up cutting off the eye snake, though.

Now that she has her shards her real plan is revealed: she was never helping Team Flash. She just wanted her metal back, though she does have a selfless moment. She gives Caitlin a special concussive grenade made of the shards that can take down DeVoe.

Back at STAR, Harry explains that the reason DeVoe hasn’t acted against the world yet is because he’s missing something — his wife. Barry tells Iris to publish her article. Caitlin and Joe go chat over coffee.

Later that night, Iris’ phone starts blowing up with messages. The people of Central City have read her article and are joining the fight to stop DeVoe.

See you next week!

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