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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 18 ‘Shelter from the Storm’

Credit: The CW

Things are starting to get interesting now that Reign is the only Worldkiller that Supergirl has to deal with, but was she able to save Ruby from her? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap of “Shelter from the Storm.”

We open with Lena getting dressed as she and James spent the night together. The pair chat about Lena finally getting her own place as she’s been living in a hotel for two years, but the conversation is halted by Reign showing up demanding Ruby. Lena sprays her with a Kryptonite spray and Reign leaves. Elsewhere, M’yrnn is struggling with his Martian dementia. J’onn offers to help.

On the Legion’s ship, Imra explains why the other members of their team didn’t come out of their pods to help — turns out they were exposed to the Blight and they didn’t want to expose the current time with the disease. But, now they are clear of all traces so killing Pestilence saved the future. Now they have to go back to make sure peace has held. Brainy gives Winn a vial of dirt from the future for his collection. They awkwardly hug.

Imra chats with Kara and thanks her. Mon-El and Kara start to say goodbye when Alex interrupts that there has been a break in at Lena’s. The DEO heads there and she tells them about Reign and how she was asking about Ruby’s location. Lena then reveals that Ruby is at Lex’s old mansion and technology has been keeping it invisible.

Alex goes to Lex’s house, Kara and J’onn go to visit Sam’s mom. Sam’s mom, it turns out, knows Sam is Reign and reveals her regrets about not helping Sam deal with her issues as a kid. It’s clear she feels responsible. At Lex’s Ruby asks about her mom but Alex acts like she knows nothing.

While Kara and J’onn wait for Reign to show up the notice flowers wilting. This is how they discover that Reign has absorbed Purity and Pestilence’s powers. Reign comes into the house and looks for her mom, but she’s really looking for Ruby. Instead, Kara pops out of a closet and they battle, with Reign using her new powers on them. J’onn is hurt. Sam’s mom tries to help Sam by encouraging her to rise up against Reign, but Reign stabs her in the stomach. Supergirl is able to get both Sam’s mom and J’onn away.

In space, Mon-El and Brainy are looking at Earth when Brainy reveals he bugged the DEO with the dirt he gave to Winn. He then reveals that Reign has all three sets of powers, and that Supergirl has a 51-percent chance of beating her alone, but her odds get way better if even one member of the Legion were there. Back at the DEO, Sam’s mom makes Kara promise to tell Ruby that her grandma loved her. She dies when Kara promises. James goes to Lena’s office to tell her about the death and about Reign’s new powers. He tries to convince Lena that Supergirl needs to know about the homemade Kryptonite and that she’ll be grateful.

Imra has a talk with Mon-El and tells him that they need to go stop Reign. It feels a little like a breakup, not going to lie.

Lena goes to the DEO with her case o’ Kryptonite. Supergirl is very not happy and argues with Lena, who astutely points out that human beings deal with threats to their existence every day and Supergirl isn’t special. Supergirl isn’t having it. At Lex’s house, Ruby goes outside to call her mom and Reign hears it. She locates the mansion, breaks in. An alarm goes off that alerts Team Supergirl. Mon-El shows up to help. Alex and Ruby head to a safe room in the mansion, but it’s no match for Reign.

Fortunately, Supergirl and Mon-El arrive. They use Lena’s Kryptonite to weaken Reign and fight, but her mask is knocked off and Ruby now knows her mother is the Worldkiller. Reign approaches Ruby to kill her and Supergirl appeals to Reign’s mission — that Ruby is an innocent so killing her makes no sense. It’s enough of a distracting that Mon-El is able to fashion bullets out of crushed kryptonite and shoot Reign with one of Lex’ guns.

At Lena’s lab, Supergirl apologizes and says she trusts Lena. Reign is now being kept in Lena’s holding cell. Alex promises Ruby that she will not lie to Ruby again.

And then, on the way to see Ruby, Kara and Lena bump into one another. Lena doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl and confides that she does not trust the heroine.

See you next week!

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