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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 22 ‘Think Fast’

Credit: The CW

Last night, Arrow’s John Diggle stopped by to help the team but despite a couple of major breakthroughs things did not go well for our heroes. Spoilers for the penultimate season four episode below!

We start with Diggle showing up at an ARGUS facility, but it quickly becomes aparent that it’s really DeVoe pretending to be Diggle. Also aparent? DeVoe thinks he’s god. He kills the guards outside and in, uses Kilgore’s powers to hack the mainframe, and finds Fallout, the nuclear-powered bus meta he’s been looking for.

At STAR, Barry and company are working on their plan to stop DeVoe and Barry admits that he can’t run fast enough to get into the pocket dimension. Cisco thinks that if they could split up, they’d improve their chances. Harry reads Iris’ blog and it’s gotten nearly half a million new visitors. They talk about the site and Iris gets a notification from DeVoe himself. He’s trying to hack her blog.

Caitlin goes to see the therapist, who tells her that people can’t bury things without them coming back eventually.

Cisco is able to deal with the hack and discovers that DeVoe is after Fallout. Barry goes to Star City and gets the real Diggle who helps them find out that someone pretended to be him and got access to the facility six hours prior. If it wasn’t obvious before it is now: DeVoe wants Fallout. He needs him to power things as a battery and now they only have twelve hour before the Enlightenment.

Diggle goes back to Star and Cisco figures out that DeVoe has six hostages at the ARGUS facility. Meanwhile, Joe and Cecile are getting ready for the baby’s arrival and Cecile’s powers have gotten weird. She is now not just reading minds but inhabiting them.

At STAR, Harry and Iris try figure out where Marlize is. Cisco and Caitlin come up with the idea that if they can enter Flastiem with Barry, they might be able to stop DeVoe. Barry doesn’t like this plan, but they have science so Barry agrees and tries to train them. It doesn’t go very well

Wells thinks Marlize will join their side. Iris gets upset about this.

Back in Flashtime training, Cisco makes progress, but Caitlin has issues. She falls out of Flashtime and is knocked out, having flashbacks to a memory from childhood when she was hit by a car while riding her bike. Caitlin claims she’s fine when she wakes up, but Barry says he’s not training them anymore.

Harry goes to try to convince Iris to let Marlize help and in the process Iris figures out where Marlize is hiding — in her first home with Clifford. At STAR, Barry and Cisco argue about him going it alone and the death of Ralph. Barry ends up agreeing to let Cisco and Caitlin help. Iris and Harry find Marlize in England.

At ARGUS, DeVoe gets Fallout to aparently explode or something which is what DeVoe wanted. He shrinks things down and heads off to his pocket dimension when the heroes arrive. They enter Flashtime and rescue the hostages. Barry also goes through the pocket dimension after DeVoe. DeVoe releases his satellites, but Barry destroys one. Seems like victory.

But it’s not. DeVoe monologues about the Enlightenment and reveals that emotion is Barry’s downfall. DeVoe escapes. Caitlin asks Cisco to vibe her into her memory from earlier and we discover that Caitlin Became Killer Frost when she was hit by the car. Guys, this was a LONG time before the particle accelerator exploded meaning that Caitlin has been a meta her whole life. Big change.

In England, Marlize revals that Harry’s current symptoms are what will happen to EVERYONE in the Enlightenment. She seems horrified. Iris works to convince her to help them stop it.

And back at STAR, the team discovers that DeVoe has broken in, taken over the STAR satellite, hacks Gideon, and brings the Enlightenment online.

Season finale next week!

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