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6 Amazing Summer Camp Adventures for Adults

{Image Credit: Instagram / @soul_camp}

Warm sunny days and cozy cabins are the signature of summer camps. And somewhere between the allure of Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer, camp became more than just a summer dream for kids. Today camps for grown-ups are popping up around the country and showing no signs of slowing down.

Modeled on classic camps for kids, these inventive getaways are a fresh way for adults to have fun, be social and live like a kid again — except, this time with alcohol and no curfew.

While a number of camps offer different experiences for grown-ups to kick back old school, there’s a summer camp for every kid at heart. From long weekends of drinking and partying, digital detoxes and even yoga, we have six of our favorite summer camps to check out this sunny season.

Camp Wandawega

Wandawega, located on a rustic, lakeside resort in Wisconsin is perfect for Instagrammers who are dying to get that classic camping shot. We know that might be the last thing you think about when considering camps, but this imaginative 25-acre property 90 minutes north of Chicago is like something from Moonrise Kingdom. Proving relaxation doesn’t involve your iPhone or Netflix, Wandawega doesn’t stick to any particular era’s design. Instead, it offers artistic accommodations divided between lodges, bunkhouses, teepees and a handful of remote facilities like trailers and gorgeous treehouses.

Soul Camp

Touted as an adult sleepaway camp for the soul, this all-inclusive wellness retreat for adults stems its beliefs from play, exploration and untamed joy. Welcoming more than 200 to 300 campers each summer, adults can participate in a range of activities including yoga, meditation, dance, cardio, paddle boarding, mala bead making and dreamcatcher creations — just to name a few. From live entertainment with DJs and a nightly speaker series, this camp situated among sprawling trees, lakes and valleys helps balance your chakra as you leave behind stress, fear and anxiety. Did we mention the gluten free, vegan s’mores too?

Camp Bonfire

Tucked deep in the Poconos and an estimated two hours from New York and Philadelphia, Camp Bonfire is an adult getaway for those who enjoy the great outdoors — and crave that break from the constant buzz of technology. Ideal for all-campers over 21, this weekend-long camp welcomes friends, couples, and singles who want to explore the retro experience of camp with archery, hiking, canoeing, dodgeball, ropes course, and nightly bonfires. With an aim to relax and connect, this camp finds the greatest of joys are found in nature and each other.

CIA Boot Camp

Before you think this is the summer where you finally become Sydney Bristow of Alias, think more along the lines of Food Network. The Culinary Institute of America offers a one-of-a-kind boot camp experience where campers can feed their passion for food and gain more confidence in the kitchen through fundamental culinary skills, unleashing their inner Julia Child. Designed to accommodate all levels of expertise from basic to skilled, the CIA also offers a program that focuses on developing some mad wine skills and sipping like a pro.

Camp Grounded

With camps in California, New York, Texas, and North Carolina, these grounds are pure, unadulterated fun for grown-ups. Creating an atmosphere of liberation from technology and #adulting, this camp places grown-ups in the center of creative thinking and nostalgia. Leave everything behind as you take part in talent shows, dance classes, survival skills and even a little stargazing in the woods. While rooming is assigned in the bunk and tent villages, sneaking out is highly encouraged.

Camp No Counselors

If you’re looking for a camp that best suits your “work hard, play hard” attitude and caters to a lifestyle of breakfast cocktails, look no further than to this invite-only camp. Previously seen on Shark Tank, this all-inclusive camp encourages campers to play like a kid, but party like an adult. With 10 locations across North America that enable adults to strengthen old relationships and build new ones, each camp weekend is filled with activities for an unforgettable experience. From land and water sports, awesome nightly themed parties, an open bar, gourmet meals and of course, classic camp activities that include bonfires and s’mores, expect to have the best weekend of your life.

What are some of your favorite summer camps for adults? Let us know in the comments below.

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