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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 21 ‘Not Kansas’

Credit: The CW

Will the special rock Kara and Mon-El brought back from Argo be enough to save Sam? And will National City be safe without Supergirl? Read on for our recap of “Not Kansas” to find out!

We pick up right where last week left off with Supergirl and Mon-El fighting with Reign. While they fight, Lena works with the rock that Supergirl brought back from Argo to make a cure for Sam. They manage to get Reign down long enough for the cure to be administered and Reign literally separates from Sam and disintigrates. Everyone is happy when Sam asks for aspirin and is later reuinited with Ruby.

Supergirl then asks Lena if the black rock can be reproduced becuase of how important it is to the people of Argo. Lena says she will try. With Reign dealt with, Kara and Alex go back to Kara’s apartment where she explains to Alex that her mother is alive in Argo. Kara tells Alex that she wants to go be with her mother in what is left of Krypton and while Alex is sad about this, she tells Kara it’s okay for her to go and take care of herself.

The DEO throws Supergirl a going away party and it’s touching. Mon-El asks if Kara can retrieve something on Argo that might allow him to go home to the future. Kara instead asks Mon-El to come with her and he decides to. They say their goodbyes and head off, welcomed to Argo by Alura and Selena. It’s a good homecoming for Kara, as she’s also able to go through her childhood things as well as reconnect with an old childhood friend.

Back on Earth, Winn and James continue to protect National City and encounter a criminal with a DEO-calibre weapon. Meanwhile at home M’yrnn tells J’onn that it’s time for him to pass on all of his memories to him before he dies. J’onn isn’t on board with this as he’s not ready to face that his father’s time is drawing short. He defers the conversation until later.

James and Winn tell J’onn about the guns and it unsettles J’onn, prompting them to speak with the manufacturer. On Argo, Kara and Mon-El walk through the market, running into the child Mon-El saved. The child is doing well, but as they talk, construction debris flies into the market and nearly crushes all of them. No one is hurt, but Kara notices a hooded figure walking away. Kara and Mon-El talk to Alura about it, but Kara wonders if she’s being paranoid.

J’onn and James meet with the weapons manufacturer who informs them that they’ve been making the guns that they did for the DEO to the general public as well. J’onn insists that they need to take them off the market, but the manufacturer refuses.

Back on Argo, Kara and Mon-El have dinner with Kara’s friend and her husband when Kara notices the same hooded figure again. This time she goes after them and we find its an older woman. She claims she has nothing to do with the accident earlier and Kara’s friend insists that this woman is the wife of the grocery store owner and therefore not a threat. It’s suggested that Kara needs to rest.

With the weapon manufacturer unwilling to do anything, J’onn orders the DEO to try to find the armed gunman so they can track down the weapons. Winn gets a location on ths uspect as he posted a manifesto of sorts on social media. This leads them to realize he plans to go to his old job and shoot people. J’onn tracks the gunman down at his old job and confronts him. Turns out the gunman is very unstable and very upset about how his life has turned to chaos with his wife leaving him and being fired. J’onn somehow manages to talk him down, though, taking his weapon without incident.

On Argo, Kara and Mon-El go for a walk while Kara tries to sort things out. Mon-El admits to her that he didn’t come back to help her defeat Reign, but that he hasn’t completely gotten over loving her. THey are sharing their feelings with one another when a robot sentry attacks them. They are able to fly up and away from the attack, but notice the hooded woman again. This time they track her down and it is the same woman again and she admits that she’s part of the Daughters of the Night — and Selena is their leader.

At the DEO, J’onn announces that the DEO will be moving towards using non-lethal weapons. He gives a speech about gun control and also tells those who do not want to work without lethal weapons that they can transfer to another division. Some do, but most stay.

And now, the wrap up. Lena discovers that the black rock has properties that might be able to revolutionize things on Earth. J’onn goes home and decides to do the ritual with his father. Alex starts looking up adoption agencies as she misses Ruby. Ruby and Sam are having quality time together when suddenly Sam drops her glass. Then, we see Coville out in a field somewhere greeted by the Daughters of the Night while, on Argo, Kara and Mon-El discover that Selena and her acolytes have stolen their ship and have gone to Earth.

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