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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 23 ‘Battles Lost and Won’

Image: The CW

Last night, Supergirl‘s third season wrapped up and in the process saw some major changes for the Girl of Steel and her friends. Miss last night’s finale? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap!

We start with a lot of natural disasters. All around the world there are crazy things happening, but in National City it is manifesting as a serious earthquake. Team Supergirl is trying to evacuate people to relative safety, but as this is all a machination of the Kryptonian witches, that’s not a good long-term plan. With Reign potentially bringing about the end of the world, J’onn and M’yrnn take off to do something about it.

The end up together on a rock by a large gap in the Earth. M’yrnn tells his son that there is no time to continue the memory transfer ritual fully but M’yrnn does transfer what he feels is the most important of the memories he holds — the origin of the Sacred Scrolls and their people’s rich cultural history. M’yrnn then sacrifices himself into the Earth to stop Reign.

Meanwhile, Imra and Brainy return to National City to help with the fight while on the street, Guardian is trying to help people. When a woman freaks out about her son in a burning building, James reveals himself before saving the child. J’onn returns to the DEO and explains M’yrnn trapped Reign in the Earth which appears to have stopped the destruction for now. Sam, who went into the Valley of Juru last episode to seek a fountain that will give her strength to defeat Reign, wakes up in said valley only to be greeted by her mother. Also waking up? Coville. Turns out that he wasn’t killed by Reign in the Fortress of Sanctuary last week after all.

At the DEO Mon-El chats with Imra, thanking her for coming back to help and they hug. Brainy then finds Mon-El and says he’s surprised he’s smiling. Winn walks in and that’s when Brainy reveals that while Pestilence’s death saved the future, the real Brainiac is now causing trouble with AI in the future and that they need to take Winn into the future as it’s his technology that will sae the day. Brainy, of course, will stay behind.

The witches continue their ritual and are able to draw Reign to them. Coville manages to sneak over to the spaceship that was stolen from Mon-El and Kara and sends a distress call. At the DEO Lena and Alex talk about Alex’s desire to have a family of her own while Winn and James talk about Winn joining the Legion and Winn admits that he revealed his identity. Then, Coville’s alert reaches the DEO, giving the team the location of the Fortress.

In the Valley of Juru, Sam gets to the fountain but is stopped by her mother from drinking out of the wrong side. She then drinks from the correct side and her mom continues to support her, even singing her a lullaby to help her calm. Sam realizes that it truly is her mother there with her and that’s when she finds her strength. She wakes up at the DEO and immediately has superpowers. Off she goes to help fight Reign.

The team arrives at the Fortress and the fight is on. The witches are reasonably easy to take down, but Reign is harder fight. She’s about to kill Kara when Sam shows up and literally stabls Reign in the back. Now, this is where it’s important to note that there was discussion earlier this episode that it might be necessary to kill Reign. Supergirl was not down for this, but reluctantly realized it might be the only choice. When Sam stabs Reign, a scuffle ensues that ends with Reign being tossed into the cauldron in the Fortress. However, before Reign dies, her laser vision kills Sam, Mon-El, and Alura.

Upset because she knew in her heart there was another way, Supergirl takes Mon-El’s Legion ring and demands that Winn find a disruption and use the technology to send her back in time. He does and Supergirl rolls things back to right before Sam stabs Reign. Instead, Kara uses the Harunel rock to drag herself, Reign, and Sam into the Valley of Juru where Sam kicks Reign’s butt and uses the deadly side of the fountain to end Reign.

The day is saved. Kara looks out over National City where she is joined by Mon-El who has a chat with her about what they’ve both learned and it ends with them saying goodbye. Mon-El has to return to the future. Sam and Ruby chat with Lena and Alex. It seems that Sam is now completely human (despite being of Kryptonian origin) so she is saved as well. Winn decides to go with the Legion into the future. Alex talks to J’onn about quitting the DEO so she can have a family, but J’onn turns the tables by giving her a pep talk and a promotion. Alex will be the new director of the DEO as J’onn feels led to return to Mars and help his people.

Alura says goodbye to Kara and takes the witches back to Argo with her. Winn says his goodbyes and joins the Legion for the trip to the future. James and Lena spend time together and, when a reporter calls asking James to confirm his identity as Guardian James does so. Alex and Kara then watch the news in her apartment about things and chat about how things turned out. All’s well that ends well.

Except, two things. It’s revealed that Lena is still secretly working on the Harunel and, perhaps even bigger, we’re taken back 48 hours to reveal that something strange happened when Supergirl used the Harunel to stop Reign. Kara — or some version of her — stoically walking out of the woods in Sibera draped in a dark cloak of sorts.

That’s it! Thank you for keeping up with Supergirl this season. Let us know how you felt about the finale in comments!

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