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7 of the Best Trips for Yogis to Get Your Inner Zen On

{Image Credit: Yoga on the Rocks}

With wellness travel gaining popularity in the United States, yoga retreats with scenic backdrops promoting self-discovery, reflection and rejuvenation are popping up everywhere, and summer is the best time to start looking for the retreat or festival that best fits you.

While one of the major objectives of practicing yoga is to train your body and mind to become more self-aware, it is an experience that helps many to reach a higher state of being and connection deep within yourself. Thankfully, retreats and festivals are taking places around the U.S. with yogi fans and wellness aficionados checking out from day-to-day routine to find true inspiration.

If you’re searching for true inner piece, look no further to some of our favorite yoga retreats and events. Pack those bags and plan your yogi escape, as you get ready to reawaken your chakra and get your Om on!


Kripalu Center
57 Interlaken Rd., Stockbridge, MA

Recognized as the largest and most established yoga and holistic retreat in North America, this new-age educational center combines yoga with healthy eating and sauna relaxation. With the best teachers available, Kripalu hosts year-round workshops with numerous yoga styles, and a variety of programs from Ayurveda, alternative healing and much more.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm
14651 Ballantree Ln., Grass Valley, CA

For nearly 45 years, this yoga farm has been a beacon of peace, educating yogis on the five points of yoga and its four paths. With classes for beginners to teacher-training courses, guests can sign up for a relaxing yoga vacation with lodging options in their Om, Shiva or Shanti cabins, complete with meals prepared in the Yogic and Ayurvedic dietary principles.

Big Sky Yoga Retreat
1258 Doney Way, Bozeman, MT

Giddy up at this unforgettable yoga retreat that blends a little “yeehaw” to your Namaste! Guests can immerse themselves with awesome views of snow-capped peaks, mountain meadows, cool waterfalls, glacial lakes, and fresh pine forests. While starlit nights are the standard here, with summer and winter sessions available, you won’t regret signing up for their “Cowgirl Yoga.”

Esalen Institute
55000 CA-1, Big Sur, CA

This breathtaking retreat on the scenic California coast hosts year-round meditation and yoga workshops with prominent teachers. Through a variety of accommodation options available through workshop registration, guests can reach a spiritual awakening through the retreat’s beach, pool, garden, or hot springs — pure shanti!


Yoga on the Rocks

Bring your water and yoga mat to this annual summer event inside the spiritual walls of the Red Rocks Amphitheater. This once-in-a-lifetime workout welcomes 2,000 yogis of all levels seeking serenity alongside a rocking musical experience! Featuring core-yoga power instructors from across the country, yogis can immerse themselves in the flowing hilltops as they center themselves with a one-time session, or a season pass.

Bhakti Fest

With roots in yoga, kirtan, and meditation, this yoga, dance and music festival embraces ancient and modern sacred wisdom with traditional and non-traditional practices. Join yogis from around the world and camp out beneath the stars or stay at one of the accommodations on or offsite. Now through October, attend both Shakti and Bhakti fest at half the price and double your fun!

Sedona Yoga Festival

This four-day winter festival warms yogis as they tap into an ancient wisdom with three days of yoga, music, energy, and workshops featuring speakers from around the world. Richly colored and cultural, this festival amid the picturesque town of Sedona amidst endless acres, red rocks, and canyon lands is committed to teaching yoga to all levels of yogis.

What are some of your favorite yogi retreats and festivals? Let us know in the comments below.

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