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All the Best Fall Flowers for Your Home and Garden

{Image Credit: iStock}

Spring and summer aren’t the only seasons with pretty flowers! Though the leaves are changing color and the temperatures are perfect for that sweater weather, autumn brings its own set of incredible, vibrant blossoms to brighten up your world.

This season, fill your garden and home with perennial favorites that are not just blooming all the time, but perfect for fresh bouquets, late-season color and interior décor. Just because we’re heading into the colder months, doesn’t mean we can’t keep the colors coming.

From jewel tones to deep purples and rusts, fall flowers can be hardy for your garden as perennials are absolutely perfect for fall. Not only can they spruce up what has been dried out and sun faded by the long summers, but they come back stronger every year.

If you’re looking to spice up your garden this year, consider adding a funky bunch of scented and vibrant florals to your mix. Although the season is brief, these fall flowers are among the more creative ones.

Sweet Autumn Clematis {Image Credit: Instagram / @stella_jeanne}

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Perfect for creating a fullness and base color, this beautiful fragrant flower is eye-catching. While it can be a bit invasive on a flourishing garden overall, if planted properly to a designated area, its small white blooms and green foliage can make for a breathtaking look.

Witch Hazel

Though a common household item and found in nearly every beauty product we love, this bloom is a unique looking one thanks to its bright yellow that stands out among autumn colors. It is also perfect for adding a touch of color to your home with a vase!


Linear and beautiful blue, these are the perfect complement to your garden as they stand tall in any garden. But if you want a similar shade to Monkshood, Lily Turf is your second best bet as its stunning purplish blue hue stands out in the autumn mix.

Red Hot Poker {Image Credit: iStock}

Chinese Lanterns

Acquiring its name from the distinctive color and shape of a papery husk, which resembles Chinese or Japanese lanterns, these can be ideal for the cooler seasons and there is nothing quite like them.

Red Hot Poker

These are the quintessential cool flower thanks to their soft, rubbery, tube-like petals. Also known as the “Torch Lily,” Red Hot Pokers are easy to grow, drought and heat tolerant, and great for arid and semi-arid areas.

Fireworks goldenrod

Looking literally like fireworks thanks to its golden-yellow flowers, arching gracefully downward, this easy to plant perennial thrives in any compost-enriched soil and appreciates regular moisture. While it might be a typical flower, experts say they can hold their own as it adds a unique full look to your garden and is so strong.

Wildfire sedum {Image Credit: Growing Colors}

Russian sage

With airy spires of small, purple-blue flowers, this mint family member with semi-woody stems adds a haze of color to your garden, blending well with just about any other. Best of all, it’s a flower that provides a great deal of fullness to your mix, thanks to its blue hues.

Wildfire sedum

Featuring stunning red foliage with pink variegations, this shiny, cherry-red leafed flower offers non-fading color and turns a bright pumpkin-orange in the fall. Garden lovers will love this perennial for its rubbery texture that looks amazing among switch and fountain grasses.

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What are some of your favorite fall flowers? Let us know in the comments below.

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