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7 Recipes to Celebrate National Doughnut Day

Today is National Doughnut Day! A day so special and so worthy of being a real national holiday, yes? Anything celebrating food instantly becomes a holy but because doughnuts are one of life’s true great pleasures, this day deserves something extra special. Everybody has their preferences for foods that they like and don’t like but…does anyone […]

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7 Must-Have Foods for Flat Abs

It’s that time of the year again when being fit seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. After a few months of paying a little less attention, suddenly we all become obsessed with how flat our abs are again. It’s only natural that as the weather gets hotter and less clothes are necessary […]

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7 Recipes to Make for Hamburger Month

It seems that the food holiday business is preparing us for grilling and outdoor eating season a little early. Because while it’s only just now getting nice enough outside to do such things, May is officially known as National Hamburger Month. There are so many different ways — both inside and out — to make […]

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7 Essential Margarita Recipes

What are Spring and Summer for if not sitting somewhere drinking some sort of alcoholic water? In fact, maybe we should just combine the two seasons into one mega-season titled “Cocktail Season” so that everybody knows where our heads are at. A cocktail of choice can be a really personal preference but if I had […]

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7 Sweet and Savory Ways to Dress up Your Oatmeal

Let’s make oatmeal better. For how popular and versatile it is, oatmeal doesn’t seem to live up to its potential, often falling into the category of foods we eat because we know they’re good for us. But it can totally fall into a more favorable (and flavorful) category with just a few little tweaks to […]

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7 Recipes That Will Make You Fall in Love With Scones

There are a ton of different pastries in existence, some more popular than others. With things like eclairs, biscuits, and croissants being the first ones that come to mind, some of the other less-popular but arguably-more-delicious pastries get lost in the shuffle. The biggest crime that comes to mind here? Scones. If I am only […]

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6 Essential Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Healthy living is often associated with expense more frequently than it should be for how important it is to daily life. From niche fitness boutiques to quick service health-focused restaurants to the food that you buy in your grocery store, it’s easy to feel like having a healthy lifestyle is out of reach if you […]

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Food Trends To Look Out For in 2016

The start of each new year brings us something new, some new obsession that will appear out of nowhere and then takeover all conversation for what seems like a never-ending amount of time. This is especially true for food — the past few years it’s been kale, quinoa, acai, etc that have taken over the […]

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7 Refreshing Citrus Recipes Guaranteed to Brighten up Your Meals

With most of the talk surrounding food in January being of the healthy, lifestyle-changing, and lets-eat-all-the-greens-type, foods that actually come into season now tend to get shoved into the backseat. Perhaps after so many months in a row of focusing on very seasonal flavors (pumpkin! peppermint!) we’re all a little burnt out? Whatever the reason […]

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7 Recipes to Celebrate National Brownie Day

Tomorrow is National Brownie Day! Coming in just a few days after National Cookie Day, I’d really like to meet whoever it is that decides things such as this. I think we’d be friends — you can never have too many sweets or sweet holidays. Despite their proximity and popularly, there aren’t too many similarities […]

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7 Recipes to Celebrate National Cookie Day

It’s National Cookie Day! Out of all the food holidays that we’ve suddenly started paying attention to (thanks Internet!), this one might be one might be the finest of them all. First — cookies are so versatile that no matter your food tastes or allergies there is a cookie out there you’ll love, I’m certain […]

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7 Recipes You Are Going to Love That Use All Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re the one doing the cooking or you’re just doing the eating, hopefully you’re finding yourself surrounded by love and lots of food as you’re reading this. Now, putting aside the true meaning of the holiday and only thinking about it from a food perspective — do we like Thanksgiving-the-actual-day or do […]

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7 Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren’t Pie

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s generally centered around tradition. Year after year we surround the table giving thanks and eat, more or less, the same dishes — mashed potatoes, some sort of stuffing, turkey, maybe a green bean casserole, and pies. Sticking to tradition is great but it can be claustrophobic for those of us […]

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