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Closing The Gap: Technology’s Role In A Long Distance Relationship

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. For many individuals this phrase becomes apparent once they have engaged in a long distance relationship. An estimated 75% of college students will engage in a long distance relationship at some point in their lives. While for many this may be due to pursuing career aspirations, there is […]

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Moving On: The Signs To End Your Relationship

Breaking up with someone is hard to do. No matter what your reasons may be, the end of any relationship signifies the start of a new chapter in your life. My parents would always stress to me that just because you found a partner that you could not become complacent. To be the right partner takes […]

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Respexuality: The Role of Respect and Communication in Sex

What does it mean to have a healthy sexual relationship? When I was first taught about sexuality, it was not by some crumpled magazine or my sister’s Cosmopolitan—instead, it was from my fourth grade Catholic teacher. Sex was simply something to not be done, except with the person you marry and the idea of sexual […]

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Living Again After a Breakup

Relationships are a lot of work. What might be even more work however, is learning to love yourself again and moving on after a relationship ends. Our writer shares tips to help you move on after a relationship ends and the strength that comes from that.

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The Evolution of Love and the Phrase ‘I Love You’ Over Time

Butterflies encompassed my entire core the first time I uttered the phrase “I love you” to my partner. Holy smokes I thought, these are the words! I stammered and hummed and hawed my way through my speech, but ultimately looked at my dear partner and simply stated “I love you”. Boy, was that fun to […]

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Stop Horsing Around! 4 Flaws That Can Hinder Any Relationship

World-renowned marriage therapist and psychology professor, Dr. John Gottman discusses four flaws, known as his ‘four horsemen’ and how these traits can help cause strife in any relationship. It is through a proper awareness of some of the negative emotions to avoid in relationships that you can gain a further understanding of what helps make the proper relationship work.

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Gandalf Was Wrong: Secrets Are Not Safe

Secrets take on new dimensions in a committed relationship. What areas of one’s life require full disclosure? What things can we leave unsaid? Does an after–dinner cigarette away from prying eyes when you’re trying to quit count as a dark secret? Is it something deeper and more personal? I’ve received hundreds of responses while writing this article and the majority of them cited these concerns:

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Not Perfect: When Being “Made for Each other” Might Wreck Your Relationship

Love is complicated, but we all know what we want. We want that person who just gets us, who we feel is “the one,” our soul mate, or who just “completes” us. That’s the ideal and it is for many what we go looking for in the world of relationships. But what if the idea of being made for one another, that concept of soul mate and perfect match, might actually ruin or damage your relationship? What if perfection is, in fact, the problem?

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Keeping the Fires Burning: Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

A long-distance relationship is an investment by two people who can’t be together due to circumstances or choice. We’ve covered some of the reasons that people enter into long-distance relationships here. Movies like Sleepless in Seattle play up the mystique of LDR’s but the realities don’t fit into a Hollywood ending.

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The Relationship Balancing Act

We’ve all been in the position of being “ditched” by a friend before. Maybe you’ll have to rewind back to high school, or maybe it’s happened to you as recently as yesterday, but no matter when it happens, it’s safe to say that it hurts. I bring up high school because that was back when […]

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Love is in the Air: 10 Spring Date Ideas

Spring is finally here. Warmer weather, check. Longer days, check. Love in the air, check. Spring has always been the season for blossoming flowers, wildlife, and even romance. With all that the warm weather of spring has to offer, dinner and a movie dates can be put on hold until winter. Whether you and your […]

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He Said, She Said: Boyfriend Turned Off By Haircut

This week we hear from Melissa of Glendale, Arizona who wanted to go with a daring new look but is unsure why her boyfriend is not impressed her new pixie cut and why their normally healthy sex life has fizzled. Is it true men really don’t like short hair? Is it such a big deal? Our writers cut to the chase and share their thoughts on the hair raising topic.

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He Said, She Said: Dealing with The In-Laws

This week we hear from Scott of South Bend, Indiana who wants to ask for his girlfriend’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage but is having trouble warming up to her parents–or rather, them warming up to him. Scott wonders when and how should he approach her folks? Our team sit at the round table and discuss this week’s relationship dilemma.

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