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Hostess Candy Corn Cupcakes Debut Just in Time for Fall

Fall is here and with it comes a whole host of fall-themed food and drinks for people to enjoy. But while pumpkin spice remains the king of fall trends, with Halloween approaching as the weather gets cooler, there’s another fall favorite that can’t be forgotten.

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7 Rich and Tasty Recipes Celebrating Caramel You Are Going to Love

Caramel. It’s always been an appreciated candy and flavor but since about five years ago, when the world realized that if you add a lot of salt to it, it becomes extremely delicious — it seems like its star power really became became known. While not exactly a novel concept (adding salt to something amplifies […]

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Bakery Guide: Indianapolis, Indiana

Great bakeries with an extensive assortment of sweets and savories are essential to any neighborhood. And in Indianapolis, the city is blessed with a plethora of options for Hoosiers looking to satiate their sweet tooth. From local mom-and-pop shops to citywide chains, it all comes down to style and preference. Whether it’s French patisseries you […]

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The Best St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

What originally started out as a holiday for Christians to celebrate the life of of one of the most recognized Saints—Saint Patrick—has since turned into day of celebration of Irish culture, by people that or religious or not. It’s a day filled with lots of green, shamrocks, food, and for some—lots of alcohol. My own […]

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Indiana’s Cool Gem: Auntie Em’s Frozen Custard & Cupcakes

As the post-vacation feelings begin to wear off and I get back to my daily routines after another fun trip to Indiana, I ask myself if that desire for exploration–that wanderlust–does it ever wear off? I am a traveler by nature who is always on the lookout for delicious food and as eager as I […]

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The Canadian Foodie: Keep Calm and Cupcake On


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