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Spy Games – “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

Kingsman: The Secret Service, produced by Marv Films and 20th Century Fox, gives us a glimpse of a fictional spy organization and what it takes to join their ranks through the eyes of a young man who didn’t know that he had it in him escape the life he was born to and become a true hero. Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Taron Edgerton and Mark Strong lead a talented cast in a fun and fast–paced action film directed by Matthew Vaughn. Michael Caine, Sofiia Boutella, and Sophie Cookson also star.

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14 Romantic (and Guy Friendly) Films for Valentine’s Day

If you’re staying in tonight with your loved one or are on your own and ordering in from your favorite pizza joint while hibernating from the dreaded winter weather, here are fourteen (because of the blessed occasion) films that will please both sexes on Valentine’s Day!

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Women Hold Up “Half The Sky”

Suppose your professor told you that as a homework assignment, you had to watch a four hour documentary. Um, excuse me? No college student likes the idea of an extra long assignment. However when my Women and Gender Studies professor told us to watch the documentary Half the Sky, I never expected to have my entire […]

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Making Sense of “The Master”

Paul Thomas Anderson is the auteur behind such cinematic works of art as Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love, and There Will Be Blood. Through writing and directing, he has grown to become a master of cinema, often taking a deep look into the human psyche of a collection of unique characters. His latest work just happens to […]

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Top 10 Films of 2012

The months of January and February are well known in the entertainment industry as an opportunity for studios to highlight the award nominated films of the past year. With the upcoming Academy Awards and reflection on all that 2012 had to offer cinema attendees, let’s review some of the best works in film that have […]

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“Juan of the Dead”: Mojitos and Zombies

Juan of the Dead is a Cuban zombie movie that combines blood spatter with Caribbean flavor and political undertones. There’s a bunch of stuff that I never thought I’d write together in a sentence. While politics and comedy in zombie movies are nothing new (Juan of the Dead‘s title borrows from British comedy Shaun of […]

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Just Like Bedford Falls: The Jimmy Stewart Museum

There are a lot of museums on this planet and I have always been a big fan of them since I was a kid. Growing up I was in love with the dinosaur exhibits and still am because there’s something so honestly amazing about a dinosaur; especially the dinosaurs with huge bodies and those tiny […]

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