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The Best Single-Serving Snacks for Your Super Bowl Party

There’s no denying that football season is when our appetites are in full gear. From fantastic finger food to delicious desserts, our cravings for just about everything don’t ever really go away so easily — especially when watching one of the most beloved American events ever at our fabulous Super Bowl party. But if you’re looking for […]

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6 Surprising Scientific Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating

We can bet you had the summer of your life, especially when it came to indulging in some of the best food the season has to offer! From outdoor barbecues with friends to carnival fare, the season saw a bounty of deliciousness. But the season also means our eating habits tend to suffer as we […]

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Top 5 for 5: Meg Lists Her Favorite Daily Foods

Senior Writer Meg Quinn has been serving up mouthwatering recipe posts since she joined The Hudsucker in 2014. For her Top 5 for 5, it’s only natural that Meg would share the 5 foods she loves to eat every day.  At risk of speaking hyperbole: I lead a food focused life. You can always count on […]

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7 Recipes to Make With Fresh Berries for the Ultimate Spring and Summer Treat

We’re in full blown spring now and summer is just around the corner. Along with the hot sticky temperatures and proliferation of allergies, these warm months bring a lot of fresh, yummy foods. One of the best and most versatile are berries. While they aren’t truly in season just yet, now is the time when […]

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7 Recipes to Celebrate National Cereal Day That Break the Breakfast Mold

National Cereal Day is tomorrow! In an era of everyday-is-a-new-national-day, I think that cereal is actually something worthy of a full day of celebration. It’s not just for breakfast or an afternoon — or late night — snack, there are so many ways that it can be worked into recipes. Not only that but the […]

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6 Essential Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Healthy living is often associated with expense more frequently than it should be for how important it is to daily life. From niche fitness boutiques to quick service health-focused restaurants to the food that you buy in your grocery store, it’s easy to feel like having a healthy lifestyle is out of reach if you […]

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7 Smoothie Recipes To Try This Summer

It’s not quite Summer yet—we’re just shy of 3 weeks to go—but the beginning of June tends to mark the start of Summer in our brains. Aside from the off day where it’s not quite hot, the Summer weather is already here, influencing the foods that we like to eat and drink. This usually puts […]

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How To Makeover Your Salad

Greens are a necessary part of a healthy diet and salads are the way many of us end up eating them. Thinking about the connotation that the word “salad” has (are you grimacing?)—eating them this way is probably more out of convenience than out of want. When I started changing the way I ate a […]

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The Best Recipes for Summer

We are about to enter the last full month of Summer which means if you haven’t gotten your fair share of endless days outside, lazy days on the beach, and addicting summer food it’s time to start taking advantage of the weekends and making plans. Being as obsessed with food as I am, my main concern is being sure that I take full advantage of all the foods that tend to be linked with this weather.

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