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The Best Single-Serving Snacks for Your Super Bowl Party

{Image Credit: Pizzazzerie}

There’s no denying that football season is when our appetites are in full gear. From fantastic finger food to delicious desserts, our cravings for just about everything don’t ever really go away so easily — especially when watching one of the most beloved American events ever at our fabulous Super Bowl party.

But if you’re looking for healthy alternatives this season that won’t take away from the main meal, opt for fun and easy single serving snacks to keep you pumped during the game. 

{Image Credit: Cooking Classy}

Individual 7-Layer Bean Dip (via cooking classy)

Say goodbye to deep scooping and double dippers with these adorable, individual-sized 7-layer bean dip cups that are easily customizable for guests and allow for a focus on fresh.

Artichoke Dip in Single Serving Tortilla Bowls (via domestic superhero)

Bake tortillas into a muffin tin for 10 minutes or until golden; once out, place artichoke dip in the center. From there, it’s super simple and fun as guests can tear straight from their bowl to dip! Best part is, there’s no cleanup either.

Mini Lasagna Cups (via damn delicious)

Lasagna — and any carb for that matter — is the ultimate comfort food. But let’s be real, it takes a long time to prepare this beloved meal. Turn that love into a convenient single serving appetizer with these mini lasagna cups that are pure genius and made with wonton wrappers.

Mini Chicken Potpie Bites (via savory style)

Cute and perfectly simple, these mini chicken potpie bites are baked to flaky perfection and ideal for that spike in cold weather come February. Warm with a creamy filling, it’s chock full of yummy ingredients for that perfect bite size indulgence.

{Image Credit: La Fuji Mama}

Turkey Avocado Onigiri Footballs (via la fuji mama)

Turkey avocado rice balls made to look like footballs will be an instant hit at your Super Bowl party this year. Yes, they are totally random but they are unique and very delicious. All you need is a football-shaped cookie cutter and strips of seawood to look like football laces, which we absolutely love.

Single Serving Vegan Caprese Salad (via veganosity)

Add a touch of elegance to your Super Bowl party with this deliciously healthy, vegan salad that’s both super simple to make and only takes four ingredients. While the texture, creaminess and flavors are spot on, we love how you can make it your own.

Jalapeño Popper Phyllo Cups (via peas and crayons)

Please the masses this Super Bowl with these adorable, jazzed up and single serving phyllo cups baked to spicy perfection with fresh jalapeños. Easy to make and truthfully, easier to eat, it will surely set things afire at your party.

{Image Credit: Sweet as Honey}

Brownie Shot Glass Dessert with Avocado Mint Mousse (via sweet as honey)

Indulge in a decadent dessert during the game without the guilt thanks to this single serving delight. Every bite is filled with crunchy chocolate brownie, goji berries and pistachio; blended with a fresh and creamy avocado mint mousse — that doesn’t taste like avocado! — and a thick smooth chocolate peanut butter ganache.

Grilled Shrimp Cocktail (via mama’s gotta bake)

With a spritz of lemon and its own personal dollop of elegant cocktail sauce, this beautiful shrimp cocktail served in a shot glass is the perfect addition to your Super Bowl party. Not to mention, it pairs well with wine — just saying.

Football Brownies in Mason Jars (via pizzazzerie)

Satisfy your brownie craving this football season with these adorable single serving treats in beautiful mason jars. Delicious and oh-so decadent, these brownies are super moist and will score a touchdown at your party. Best of all, we love how you can frost them in your team’s signature colors!

~ Happy Super Bowl Sunday! ~

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