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7 Recipes to Celebrate National Cereal Day That Break the Breakfast Mold

National Cereal Day is tomorrow! In an era of everyday-is-a-new-national-day, I think that cereal is actually something worthy of a full day of celebration. It’s not just for breakfast or an afternoon — or late night — snack, there are so many ways that it can be worked into recipes. Not only that but the countless different kinds and flavors you have to choose from mean that it can be used to improve just about anything.

The benefit of so many common cereals being packed with sugar makes it super easy to add them to sweet recipes. So while I wouldn’t suggest eating any of these cereals or the treats made with them for breakfast — although, you do you, I don’t judge — I would suggest whipping one or a few of these up to celebrate yet another worthy food holiday.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes {via crepes of wrath}
Arguably one of the best breakfast cereals out of them all because of the holy grail combination of cinnamon and sugar, there is a range of treats you could make with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But I really love including it in and on top of cake because the cinnamon flavor from the cereal pairs really nicely with a vanilla cake. These cupcakes are a vanilla cake with a cinnamon streusel swirl (!!!) topped with vanilla 7-minute frosting and then some of the cereal on top to finish. If you have never made 7-minute frosting before, prepare to fall in love. It’s similar to a Swiss meringue buttercream in that you are heating and whipping egg whites and sugar together, then adding lots of butter. The result is the creamiest and sweet-but-not-cloyingly-so frosting you can imagine, perfect for letting a sugary cereal shine.

Image Credit: dorothy kern

Puppy Chow {via betty crocker}
Also know as “Muddy Buddies” also known as “super addicting, can’t ever have a reasonable portion.” It might even have one more alias it goes by because I believe everybody has made this or eaten this at least once in their lives. And if you somehow haven’t, now is the time. Chex cereal is probably one of the most versatile cereals but this is hands down my favorite way to eat it. When I make puppy chow, I use a combination of corn and Rice Chex but go ahead and use your favorite flavors as there are many out there now. If you love chocolate and peanut butter, you’ll find that this is absolute heaven on Earth.

Cornflake Cookies {via honest cooking}
This is the recipe for all the serious bakers out there, as it is certainly involved. The reason for this is it’s a copycat for a Milkbar cookie recipe and if you’ve ever heard of Milkbar before, you know that every baked good and recipe from that bakery is heavily involved and comes with a long list of ingredients. They are totally delicious and worth it of course, but this definitely isn’t a recipe you can just make on the fly because you need time and (probably) a grocery run. In addition to the cornflakes, you’ll see “milk powder” as an ingredient here — all this means is powdered milk, which most grocery stores carry in many different brands, so don’t worry about finding it.

Fruity Pebble Pudding Cookies {via crazy for crust}
I stan for pudding cookies. And if you are a fan of soft and chewy cookies you should too. Adding instant pudding to a cookie recipe instantly gives it that glorious soft texture and adds a different kind of yummy sweetness that you just can’t get from anything else. In this cookie, it works really well giving a base to the fruity pebbles so they can really be tasted, and adding white chocolate to the batter ups the creaminess factor even higher. Think of these as funfetti cookies but better because instead of just colored sprinkles in the cookies, you are getting colored CEREAL inside. They’d make a great cookie to enjoy for parties…or just a Tuesday afternoon.

Boozy Lucky Charm Milkshakes {via how sweet eats}
Crazy milkshakes are kind of having their moment in the light right now. So much so that some of the combinations I’ve seen out there will make these sugary cereal/marshmallow/vodka additions to the milkshake seem downright tame in comparison. So it’s a good thing this isn’t a competition and we only care about flavors, because this one is certainly delicious. I wouldn’t necessarily make this a regular drink in the rotation but for special occasions, say like National Cereal Day? It totally fits the bill. You’ll see this calls for marshmallow vodka which is fine if you have it or don’t mind buying it — cake vodka works too, but considering not many of us keep that in stock in our homes, regular ole vodka will work just fine.

Image Credit: jessica merchant

Cap’n Crunch French Toast {via food.com and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives}
This is the ultimate Sunday morning breakfast. I love french toast because it’s pretty much ultimately adaptable, especially when you start breading the bread in anything you can think of. That’s right, we’re breading bread here. Or to be more specific — we’re “cerealing” bread. Whatever you decide to call this, it’s delicious. This is a copycat recipe for a super decadent french toast that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (did you see that episode? If not, the show reruns 100 percent of the time, so you’re sure to stumble upon it sometime…) and it looks every bit as delicious as the one on the TV did. In the same category as the milkshake, it’s certainly not a healthy breakfast, but as a once in a while treat it’s absolutely divine.

Froot Loops Cake {via sweetest menu}
If you feel like being fancy and yet making a cake with cereal flavors, this is the one. Any colored cereal will make a pretty cake but there’s something about the flavor and look of Froot Loops that work really well as a celebration cake. And in this recipe you are getting Froot Loops in the cake, Froot Loops in the frosting, AND Froot Loops on top of the cake. Triple Froot Loop threat. Quadruple if you count the cereal you are sure to be snacking on while baking. This is a really fun cake for a Froot Loop lover to make any time you feel like it.

What’s your favorite way to eat cereal?

Featured image is from freestocks.

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