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Why Vinyl?

If you’re a person who doesn’t know why they like music and are content with it just being there, this isn’t for you. However, I can relate to those folks at times. But the core of why I love music is rather complex. Vinyl is just a small, yet important, piece of the puzzle. Here’s […]

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Travel Tunes: Roam Around The World

Later this week I will be kicking off a 10-day Italian adventure with some friends. With less than 48 hours till my departure, our hotels are booked, my bags are (mostly) packed, and my passport is eagerly awaiting its new stamp. There’s one final item on my to-do list: create a travel playlist. For me, […]

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Kathleen’s Top Albums of 2012

5. Mumford & Sons – Babel Following the success of 2009’s Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons didn’t fall to the curse of the sophomore slump. While the album wasn’t particularly innovative or experimental, indie-folk Babel showcased speedy banjo-plucking, feverish mandolin, and haunting cello. Is this album the greatest album of the year? No, but it’s a […]

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