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The Most Anticipated Book Releases of Fall 2018

Now that we’ve comfortably settled into the fall season, it’s time to get cozy and settle into a good book! From gripping mysteries to heartwarming essay collections, this autumn’s latest reads from popular authors and newly published writers alike aim to offer everything and anything your bookish heart desires. Here’s a roundup of the new […]

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How to Step up Your Reading Game

So you want to become a voracious reader? If you’re like me, you have rows of hardcovers and paperbacks on your bookshelf, collecting dust as they wait for you to pick them up and devour them. Due to other more pressing priorities in your life, such as school, work and your freelance side hustle, your reading to-do list […]

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Filling Your Pages With Dreams: The K.M. Ashling Story

What are you doing with your life? That question isn’t meant to be rhetorical as it’s a question that we will all be asking ourselves at one point or another. For most of us, our life is a series of tasks that have to be completed, almost in a sort of video game style. Things […]

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Rediscovering Classic Films Through Books

The trend of adapting novels to film is not at all a recent one. For years and long before the popular Harry Potter series or The Hunger Games, Hollywood has been taking note of some of our most profound novels and turning to these illustrious literary works for inspiration on the big screen. For movie buffs, […]

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Theft is Serious Business: A Review of “Skin Game”

A year and a half after the pulse-pounding thrill ride that was Cold Days. Jim Butcher is back with Skin Game, released May 27th. Everyone’s favorite wizard and Winter Knight, Harry Dresden, is forced to work with an old adversary, Nicodemus Archelone, to steal a valuable artifact from none other than Hades himself!

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Then And Always

Book Review: Dani Atkins’ “Then And Always”

Want to add a little romance and mystery to your summer reading list? Look no further than Dani Atkins‘ debut novel, Then and Always, which Penguin Canada predicts to be the breakout beach read of 2014. Rachel Wiltshire’s life reads like a dream: she has a great group of friends, a handsome and desirable boyfriend, and an acceptance into her choice university to study […]

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Amanda Bannikov’s “The Sleepy Dragon”: Bedtime’s Best Friend

Amanda Bannikov’s debut “The Sleepy Dragon” is a brightly crafted tale of bravery and perseverance, with an endearingly delightful touch of friendship. The grit showcased by the main character, Kimothin is admirable and someone a lot of young readers, especially little girls will appreciate.

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Traitor's Blade

Book Review: Sebastien de Castell’s “Traitor’s Blade”

Sebastien de Castell’s first novel, Traitor’s Blade follows the adventures of Falcio val Mond and his companions Kest and Brasti in their determined fight to uphold the Greatcoat values of fairness and justice across the kingdom of Tristia – ideals which have been tossed aside by the lawless, corrupted, and abusive regime of Dukes, who have taken over the land.

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10 Books Every Child Should Read

Reading is one of those things people either love or do their best to avoid. I’m slightly obsessed with books. When I was little I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on, and I think it was my parents who instilled in me a love of reading that I still very much […]

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Miriam Pultro’s “Midsummer” Love

To film or not to film, that is the question. Recent years have shown that the talented bard William Shakespeare is a well-liked commodity in film, and actress and writer Miriam Pultro finds the answers to the popular verse while filming her modernized adaptation of William Shakespeare’s adored play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Midsummer.

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Book Review: The World As We Know It Is Gone in “In The After”

Full, total and complete disclosure here: I love dystopia.  I also love zombies, vampires, aliens, and other unexpected creepy bad things that could end up in a dystopia.  If you manage to give me both in one book I am a very happy girl.  Put it in a Young Adult book and I’m yours.  With […]

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The More You Know: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

University student and perpetual procrastinator, Elizabeth Rosalyn has chosen to put her Google/Wikipedia researching skills to good use by sharing her findings on random topics in her next installment of “The More You Know”. This month, she navigates the net for the origins of the expression, “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!” The world has been […]

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Where Will All The Books Go?

We’ve all heard the worry that with e-books and e-readers taking over, there will no longer be any “real books” left. Since Kindles and Nooks took the market by storm a few years ago, their popularity has grown at a steady pace, causing book lovers around the world to do one of two things: rejoice […]

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