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The Pretty Files: CC and DD Creams Decoded

Hello, pretty people (aka all of you!)  Last week I helped you make sense of the sea of alphabet creams that are on the market by talking about BB cream, what it is and what it isn’t.  I hope that helped you make a little sense of things.  This week I’m back to decode CC […]

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The Pretty Files: Alphabet Soup – Skincare, Makeup, and BB Cream

Once upon a time makeup was easy.  Well, maybe not easy but a little more streamlined.  To have a basic look all I needed was foundation, powder, blush, and whatever I wanted to put on my eyes–usually eyeliner and mascara.  When I started working in cosmetics, both as a consultant for Clinique and as a […]

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Beauty Spotlight: Kristie Stoodley

I’ve had a fascination with makeup for as long as I can remember. My aunt was a cosmetologist, my Godmother an Avon lady, and I was always rummaging through mom’s makeup bag when she wasn’t paying attention.  Sorry, Mom. I was drawn in by the vibrant hues and the idea of transformation, and still am […]

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