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Entertainment Roundup: What Happened in May

It’s gonna be…well, actually May has come and gone, making those *NSYNC memes feel all too fleeting. Along with the memes and final bouts of cool weather went another month of entertainment news stories that had plenty of us talking. This month, we dive in to new couples, a royal wedding, and at least one […]

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LUCY: What were they thinking?!

The “ten-percent of brain” myth states that human beings use only ten percent of their total mental capacity. This belief also states that if humans could access more of their mental capacity, it increase mankind’s intelligence.

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The Lego Movie: Everything Really Is Awesome

A film entirely made out of CGI Legos, full of pop culture references and celebrity voice talents. One that’s promised to be “fun for the whole family” and yet also geared towards the nostalgia of those in their teens, twenties, and thirties. What could possibly save this film from being anything but a lazy Hollywood […]

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The Closer You Look: “Now You See Me”

The world has always had its best and brightest. Harry Houdini. David Copperfield. Siegfried and Roy. Penn & Teller. David Blaine. Criss Angel. And now… The Four Horsemen. In movie-world, that is.

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