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Movie Review: What the Future Holds for Disney’s “Tomorrowland”

I have always been fascinated with Disney’s theme park attraction called Tomorrowland. I’ve never actually been to a Disney theme park, but I got my first glimpse of the beautiful, futuristic world in old filmstrip reels in elementary school. I don’t even remember why we were being shown these ancient filmstrips (it was, after all, […]

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Movie Review: About a (Robot) Boy – “Chappie”

The science–fiction genre is filled with several examples of creatures that are more human than human beings. Most of them come across as heavy–handed morality tales that leave audiences wondering why they spent time and money being lectured on why humans and corporations are terrible, yet the things humans and corporations create are not. Movies […]

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The Scientist Speaks: HELIX’s Kyra Zagorsky

The Hudsucker caught up with Kyra Zagorsky and got the scoop about her feelings on sci-fi, her castmates, and all things “Helix”. (Warning: if you aren’t caught up on the second season of “Helix” yet, we suggest you do so before reading on! Spoilers ahead!)

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14 Romantic (and Guy Friendly) Films for Valentine’s Day

If you’re staying in tonight with your loved one or are on your own and ordering in from your favorite pizza joint while hibernating from the dreaded winter weather, here are fourteen (because of the blessed occasion) films that will please both sexes on Valentine’s Day!

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Book Review: It All Comes Down To Which Side You Choose in ‘Allegiant’

There are days when I wish I had my mother’s quality of incredible restraint when it comes to books. Her restraint is not in buying books (what voracious reader has restraint when it comes to the act of buying books? None, I tell you.) Instead she has this amazing willpower for books in a series. […]

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“Pacific Rim” Blu-ray Giveaway!

We are proud to announce a giveaway in partnership with PartnersHub, in conjunction with Warner Brothers for the sci-fi film, Pacific Rim. Read on to find out how you can take part in our contest and win an a Blu-ray copy.

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