Past Writers

Joe Bielecki

Senior writer from May 2014 – Dec. 2014

Joe Bielecki was a staff writer for The Hudsucker. Born, raised and residing in Michigan, he feels more like a child of the Internet with no special love for any plot of land. Joe is a Broadcasting major at Grand Valley State University with a minor in writing, giving him what he thinks is a unique perspective on both literary and visual media. Aside from writing, Joe also procrastinates at sound design, and his terrible art rap persona, Sloth. Joe (and Sloth) hope to some day have a job that doesn’t involve being covered in food, or heavy lifting, that pays enough to live on. Joe enjoys all manner of films and music, generally the more hated by his friends and family the better.

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Corey Treaster

Contributor from Oct. 2014 – Nov. 2014

Born in a suburb of Atlanta, Corey Treaster graduated with a degree in Accounting and French Linguistics from Berry College in 2009. Corey now lives and works in the Greater Atlanta Area as a TPF Programmer for the airline industry. Corey’s ever expanding list of hobbies range from super-hot pepper gardening, Harley Davidson riding, and home renovation, to his most recent as a moustache enthusiast.

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James Ivan Layne

Contributor from March 2013 – Jan. 2014

James Ivan Layne runs his own website and does casual work for Indianapolis Monthly, where he was an intern for six months. During his internship, James was given many worthy writing tasks. Two of which ended up making the top 12 stories of 2012 for their website. Three shorter pieces were sent to print—including a Q&A with Arie Luyendyk Jr. James has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a minor in Sociology from IUPUI. His main focus in life is music and its impact on our culture.  Away from writing and music, he’s a second-shooter for Emily Weis Photography, an avid sports fan and pop-culture critic.

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Paulette Tafoya

Contributor from Oct. 2012 – Dec. 2013

Paulette Tafoya graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. She is a walking cliche from New Mexico so she’s probably somewhere eating chile and wondering if she can get another Zia Symbol tattoo without it seeming like overkill. She doesn’t consider herself a photographer but has always loved taking pictures. She’s been using her iPhone way too much when it comes to picture taking and hopes to start using her old film camera again soon and maybe buy a fancy digital camera.

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Drew Bryce

Contributor from July 2012 – Aug. 2013

When he’s not slaving away over a hot computer at work or playing with computers at home, Drew Bryce is a husband and father, an Android lover and an xbox gamer. It is entirely possibly that he bleeds 1′s and 0′s. As a music freak, Drew is rarely seen without headphones on. He has a BSc (HONS) in Computer Games Technology from the University of Abertay Dundee and currently works for AvilT in Dunfermline. He has been working in the IT industry for five years. Drew resides in Edinburgh, Scotland, eats a lot of haggis, and wears his kilt as often as possible.

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Cady Lewis

Senior writer from Feb. 2013 – June 2014

Cady Lewis is an English major and writing minor at Grand Valley State University whose response when asked about her name is “Yes, like in Mean Girls.” Her dream is to become a novelist or work for a publishing company. Numerous works in progress are waiting in the depths of her laptop to be finished and turned into best-sellers, or at least read by a person or two. When not working in fast food or studying, she enjoys writing, rereading the Harry Potter series, watching movies, spending way too much time on Tumblr, and traveling. Her favorite shows and movies include Boy Meets WorldThe VoiceBack to the Future, and anything Disney.

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