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A Very Hudsucker Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December is here and with it, all the joys of Christmas! Here at The Hudsucker, we are celebrating the season and our first Christmas together in the best way we know how. Our site is more than just an online magazine. We aim to be relatable and make this an experience for everyone. Together we’re a family and because of that, we would like to share our favorite Christmas memories with our readers. 

Image Credit: Getty Images/Andrejs Zemdega

Image Credit: Getty Images/Andrejs Zemdega

The meaning of Christmas is something different for everyone; some would think it’s all the shopping and the gifts under the trees, the cards in the mail, the lights in the windows, the baking of goodies in the kitchen, spending time with family and friends, love, peace, togetherness, and so much more.

So what is Christmas?

Some of our writers wish to tell you how they know best through their own experiences, while sharing their favorite memories with you and their wishes for the holiday season!

Kathleen Horgan:

Family First: Kathleen celebrating Christmas with her brothers in New York City, 2006.

My favorite Christmas tradition is coming home after Christmas Eve mass, eating hour d’ouvres, and watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” with my family. “It’s A Wonderful Life” was my Mum’s favorite movie. Though my Mum passed away when I was a teenager, my brothers and I have carried on the tradition. Family togetherness is what makes Christmas so special after all.

My greatest wish is for the continued health and happiness of my family, friends, and loved ones. I also hope that 2013 brings great new adventures into my life!

Andrea Lozano:

If I had to choose a Christmas memory it would have to be Christmas 2011, not just because it was last year and I actually remember it (ha, I have a terrible memory!) but because it was also special in its own right. This was the year I spent Christmas in Paris and while that sounds glamorous, it really wasn’t. I lived there as an au pair since August 2011 to July 2012 and it was the first time I lived away from home. While living in Paris was awesome and a dream come true for me, the days before leaving home I’d feel sad at the thought of being away from my family for so long and my parents told me they would come to Paris to visit me for Christmas. I didn’t think it would actually happen but everything worked out, and on December 21st my parents and sister arrived in Paris and it was the happiest day ever!

Wishlist: Let’s hope Santa brings Andrea her Velorbis Urban Chic Retro Bike! Image Credit: Velorbis.com

Because this is not Hollywood and things are never completely perfect, the cruel European winter got to them and they all got sick with a cold within days of arriving. On Christmas Eve, everybody was feeling tired and we decided to not go out. We thought we would be able to buy dinner at a restaurant around the neighborhood and bring it to the hotel but nobody told me that outside of tourist areas, Parisian people don’t give a crap and close everything on Christmas Eve. Even this huge supermarket in a busy area that I used to go to all the time closed at like, 6 pm. After walking around a lot we found a place that sold healthy sandwiches, healthy wraps and crap like that. It was the only place that was still open and so, our Christmas Eve dinner in Paris was sandwiches, a big bag of chips we had from earlier and some kind of pudding thing. It wasn’t exactly the Christmas dinner I had planned but it didn’t matter cause we were all together and happy. The chips were good too.

Well, I’m not really religious so for me the holidays mean just being with your loved ones, enjoying life and being happy and thankful for what you have. And, of course it’s about the food, lots and lots of food!

What I want for Christmas? I WANT MY RETRO BIKE!

Drew Bryce:

Winter Wonderland: Drew embracing a new world inside a human snow globe!

Having gotten married this summer, this Christmas will be my first with my Wife (and also my first away from home, since we’ll be spending it with her family). This has meant I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the Christmas traditions of the Bryce Clan that I would like to bring to my own family now that I’m “all growed up”. One of the things that I feel separates my family from others at Christmas, is that we take our time with everything, and really try to savor it. It’s rare in our house that two people will be opening gifts at the same time, because we all stop to watch each other. My parents take this a step further, by adding a “cryptic clue” to each gift, that needs to be guessed at before the present is opened.

So I suppose my favorite Christmas memory, and what the holidays mean to me are one and the same. It’s all about family. Spending quality time with the people you love.

As for my Christmas Wish, I get to spend Christmas with my Wife, what more could I really ask for?

Merry Christmas folks, and all the best for 2013!

Katherine Hernandez:

Christmas Cuties: Katherine and her brother Ian, circa 1990.

When I think of Christmas, no one single moment comes to mind. For me, my favorite Christmas memories are wrapped up in the routine of the holiday. I may not remember every gift I got or every story that was told, but I always remember waking up early on Christmas morning with my brother and opening presents before going over to my grandparents’ house for more of the same with them, my aunt, uncle, and cousins. My grandfather would start by reading from the Bible, then we would open stockings, have breakfast and open more presents. Then we would all take a nice afternoon nap and reconvene for dinner a few hours later. For my entire life, that has been my Christmas routine with only a few minor changes along the way. Every Christmas day is my favorite Christmas memory because I know that no matter how stressed I am beforehand, I know exactly what to expect and that I’ll be surrounded by my family, and that comfort is what stands out to me more than anything else about the holiday.

The holiday season is about giving and love for me. As a child, my favorite part of the holiday was receiving presents on Christmas, but now my favorite part is giving gifts and spending time with family and friends. Even though it can be stressful because of all the commitments I have at this time of year, it’s always worth it to be able to spend time with my friends and family and share stories and have fun together. This time of year always makes me thankful that I have such wonderful people in my life, and it also gives me ample opportunities to show them just how much they mean to me.

My Christmas wish is simple: that the upcoming year will be better than the one before. Not just for me, but for my friends, family, and for the world. But I wouldn’t mind getting the entirety of my Forever 21 wishlist either.

Kelly Kavanaugh:

My favorite Christmas memory was when I was four years old. I was living in Charleston, South Carolina at the time. I remember waking up at the crack of dawn, and meeting my older brother Ryan in the hallway; there’s nothing like the excitement that tenses the air on Christmas morning. Like we were afraid of stepping on eggshells we tiptoed around the house, before waking up our parents and waiting for Dad to fumble around and get the video recorder. We waited behind the mark they instructed, and I always secretly pictures us like racehorses, toeing the line, whinnying in anticipation and impatience. When we were finally given the okay to “go”, we flew faster than the wind to the mountain of red and green that was waiting for us under our giant Christmas tree.

All Lit Up: Kelly having fun at Christmas!

The holiday season has changed a lot since I was four. It used to revolve around a bundle of toys to play with, the latest Nintendo 64 game, and the hottest new outfit from Limited 2. It used to involve waking up in the morning and rushing down to a Christmas tree surrounded by a base of presents, waiting to be ripped to shreds.

It doesn’t quite happen like that now that I’ve grown up and moved out into “the real world.” A lot of things have changed, but some things stay concrete where they stand, like they’re a tent that’s held firmly to the ground, nailed in place with iron pegs that push six feet deep in the dirt. Family is one of those things. The holiday season, to me, means another opportunity to share a room full of laughter and joy with my extended family; with my uncles, my aunts, and my cousins and grandmother. The holiday season to me is just another reminder that the greatest things in life really are not things.

What I’d like for Christmas? A pea coat from LOFT.

Stephen King:

Time Capsule: Stephen’s Gameboy complete with the Game Boy Light from when he was a kid. Image Credit: Giant Bomb

When I was younger I always used to ask for a Game Boy game for my Christmas, so I remember being really excited because I had asked for Super Mario Land 2; which to this day is still one of my favourite games of all time. I opened my present and squeaked with glee when I saw the familiar Italian plumber on the cover. However, that wasn’t all that I got! My next present was a light for my Game Boy, which up until this point had been pretty much useless in the dark. I immediately wanted to use my new light of course, but it was so early in that it was still light outside. Fortunately, my younger brother came to the rescue when his Tonka work bench that he got for Christmas no longer require its small child sized box. So, I slammed the batteries in the light – four…that thing needed four batteries – hopped in the box and closed over the lid. I spent the rest of the day time hiding and playing my way through Mario.

Christmas is this time of year that I find difficult to relate to. I hate Christmas music, and I am not a fan of the whole holiday cheer thing. When I was younger it was all about the presents, but now that I am older and live away from my parents and family, it has found a new meaning. Christmas is about spending time with my relatives; especially my parents and brother. So it is less about the time of year, and more about the time I have to make time with my family count. Regardless of the reasons, I am always thankful for the time I have.

If I could have one wish at Christmas, it would be for everyone to have at least a moment of peace and quiet. The holidays can be hectic, and so can life, so it would be cool if everyone got a little R&R.

Elizabeth The:

I didn’t understand the true meaning of Christmas until this year.

I’ve always been one of the first to get right into the Christmas spirit. I love everything about the holiday season – the merry music everywhere you go, the dazzling decorations and blinding lights, the red and green colour combinations, the sugar rushes, the Christmas films – old and new, the gift and card exchanges, the ugly sweaters, the photoshopped Santa hats, all of it!

Santa’s Elves: Elizabeth is all decked out for the holidays!

But truthfully? As holly jolly as I made my past Christmases appear, it was somewhat of a festive facade. I always feel part of my merry Christmas cheer diminish into disappointment by the time the big day finally arrives. Christmas is an annual reminder that my family is not at all what you’d call a typical family. Most years on Christmas, it’s just me and my mom, opening presents, watching Christmas specials on television, and relaxing by the fake tree. As nice as laid-back and small-scaled Christmases seem, it feels pretty lonely in comparison to the ‘perfect’ picturesque family celebrations depicted in the movies, media, and your friends’ Facebook statuses. I can’t help but feel a little Grinchy green with envy in my longing for a Christmas like the ones I always hear about.

When I asked my mom how she felt about our unconventional Christmases, she said something that had a profound effect on how I viewed the holiday season. She said, “It’s not about living up to the perfect Christmas, but being thankful for those who helped you in your life.”

So, from now on, instead of wallowing in self-pity and comparing myself to others, I resolve to focus my attentions on showing gratitude to the people who have made a difference in my life this year, and appreciating the small stuff that brings joy to my days. Whether it’s sending and receiving Christmas cards, sharing laughs with your friends over the hilarious JibJab Elf music video they put your mugshot in, or showing a smile to the visibly stressed cashier at the checkout during the shopping rush – it’s important to remember spread these acts of kindness during a time of the year filled with great happiness and sadness. Every little bit counts.

To our lovely readers – My Christmas wish is for everyone to find peace, love, happiness, good health, beauty, hope, and strength this season and always! Happy Holidays to all, and to all an awesome 2013!

Robert Cartagena:

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays simply because I love spending it together with my family – both my mom’s side and dad’s side. There isn’t a better feeling than when we surround our Christmas tree and open our presents while one of our favorite holiday specials is airing on TV. I’m simply grateful to have such loving and caring people in my life who have always supported me since day one and this is the perfect time of the year to express such gratitude. Decorating the house and Christmas tree is always a treat as well, especially when my grandmother brings out her reindeer decorations. I also love seeing the glow of all the lights shine through the living room window at night.

Watching timeless Christmas specials and movies throughout the month of December is a must. There are many favorites in our household – “A Christmas Story”, “Home Alone”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” – but some of my all-time favorites were released by Nickelodeon in the 1990s. I think Nick did a great job of releasing hip holiday specials back in those days. There was the “Hey Arnold!” special where Helga Pataki so badly wanted a pair of Nancy Spumoni snow boots, while Gerald bought pretty much everyone in his family – including his sister – ties as gifts. I remember the “Rocko’s Modern Life”special where elves moved into O-Town and one of them – a three-legged elf named Mitch – had the ability to make it snow. I also love watching the George Lopez Christmas specials simply because George Lopez is one of my idols and the episodes have many classic lines that I can easily recite. And I can’t forget the first – and probably, best – “The Simpsons” special where Bart gets a “Moth” tattoo (it was supposed to say “Mother”) and Homer’s Christmas tree (which he illegally cut down) has a birdhouse as an ornament. But in the end, they meet Santa’s Little Helper and he officially becomes a member of the family, so all ends well.

Boo-pendous Christmas: Robert at The Haunted Mansion Holiday from a recent Disneyland trip. Image Credit: Robert Cartagena

I have had many great Christmases in the past, but probably my favorite was the one I spent at Disneyland in 2007. Technically, I didn’t arrive in Los Angeles until a few days after Christmas, but that week was just awesome. What’s funny about it was that my dad surprised me with the trip just a few days before we left, but since we were driving by car, there wasn’t much to worry about besides packing my luggage. This was my first time visiting the park for Christmas and I simply loved it. The park was decorated from head to toe and looked amazing. I had a blast riding a few of my favorite rides, including the “Haunted Mansion Holiday,” which resembled the animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures during this trip since I didn’t bring my digital camera. But still, the trip was one of my favorites and if it wasn’t for the trip I recently took in September, I would probably consider it my all-time favorite. It just symbolized what Christmas is all about. As we get ready to enter 2013, I simply wish that my family and I – as well as my friends and their families – have another happy and healthy holiday together and can make our dreams become reality no matter how impossible they sound … and receiving a Playstation 3 wouldn’t be so bad either.

Happy Holidays y’all!

Rebecca Rowell:

Christmas time to me is a time of hope. It’s a season where everyone seems to slow down, even if only for a little while to think of someone else besides ourselves. We open our hearts a little wider and are more sensitive to the needs of those around us. We all have uplifted spirits and smile more often. It’s a time where the impossible is possible, and an “I cannot” turns into an “I can”. It’s where we all become less selfish to become selfless…like that of a gift that was left for us in a manger.

Love is All You Need: Rebecca celebrating Christmas with a friend and lots of love!

My favorite Christmas memory is a time when I went to see Santa at the mall. I was around the age of probably eight and was at that inquisitive time of childhood. I didn’t simply believe everything any longer but began to ask questions. I wanted to believe in all my heart in Santa, but doubts were arousing. I was apprehensive as we approached Santa. However, there was a little Christmas magic because as soon as I sat in that jolly old man’s lap, my fears were gone. I was content and suddenly I was certain in my mind that Santa existed and I was sitting with him at that exact moment. This was a time where childhood magic overshadowed logic to allow me to believe in a man in a red suit.

My wish for Christmas would be to see myself making a difference in this world. I have a passion for helping others and for writing. I hope to be a positive light in a dark world and help others. I want to live and not simply exist during my time on earth. I hope to spread that Christmas hope I so strongly believe in, year round.

Tania Hussain:

When I was seven, I went tobogganing with my dad and sister on Christmas morning. There was a ton of snowfall the night before so the field looked like a frozen tundra. My dad would pretend to be a polar bear and chase us around, while my sister and I would pretend we’re being attacked and then lie in the snow to make snow angels. When we finally decided to toboggan, I asked to be first and my dad instructed me on steering. As I went down that steep hill, I went down incredibly fast and immediately forgot his instructions. I took a sharp left and headed straight towards the ravine which lead to the large ugly aluminum sewer pipe. My only thought when heading into it was, “That’s where all the slime from Ghostbusters II comes from!” Out of panic, I tilted my body towards the ground and ended up plunging straight into a snowbank, with the toboggan eventually coming to a stop. Stuck in the snow, my dad and sister came running down the hill and pulled me out. My dad asked if I was okay, to which I replied, “Can I go again?”

Fine Print: Tania, circa 1989 picking out a Christmas present for herself but instead getting the smaller lesser known keyboard, the Concentrate 350.

When I was a child, Christmas meant to ‘read the fine print’ because I was often asked by relatives for what I wanted each year but would end up with the version they wanted to gift me with. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized not to care at all about the gifts because I can always exchange them. Jokes aside, the holiday season to me means spending time with my family and friends while reflecting on everything so far. I always come to a sort of crossroads at Christmas; like how the snowflakes fall so gently to the ground, I kind of just try and take things slowly because a big part of life is to just do what you can do and let the rest fall into place.

As simple and cliché as it sounds, I wish my friends and family lots of love, laughter, and happiness with continued success and good health. They all deserve such wonderful things in their lives and because they mean so much to me, I just want them to be well off and content, from now and well throughout the new year.

Whether it be the snow falling, the smell of gingerbread throughout the house, those pretty red cups at Starbucks, dressing your pet up in festive gear, kissing your sweetheart under the mistletoe, handing presents over to friends, hugging loved ones, or spending time with family at dinner; we at The Hudsucker wish you and yours, happy holidays!

May the good times and treasures of today become golden memories for you and yours tomorrow. Wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness!

Merry Christmas!


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