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Holiday Reading Round-Up

Christmas - Cozy

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On behalf of our staff at The Hudsucker, we wish you and your families the very best as you celebrate this Christmas with your loved ones! May your holidays sparkle with love and deliver an abundance of happiness and good cheer your way, and shine with moments of love, laughter and goodwill!

If you’re staying in today, grab a hot cocoa and catch up on some holiday reading, care of our writers. Here are some of our festive favorites!

Image Credit: Tania Hussain

How Life is So ‘Wonderful’ According To Capra: Throughout the years there have been many films that have created quite an impact but none can really compare to Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life. The film isn’t really just a film. It’s more of a study in hardship, frustration, and shattered dreams… {Continue reading…}

Image Credit: Getty Images/Andrejs Zemdega

A Very Hudsucker ChristmasThe meaning of Christmas is something different for everyone. In a piece from 2012, our writers share what Christmas means to them through their own experiences, while sharing their favorite memories with readers and wishes for the holiday season. {Continue reading…}

Christmas Tree - DefocusedChristmas SpiritWhat is Christmas? It means something different to all of us and we express it in various ways. Our past staff writer shares with readers an incredibly fun way of how she sees the holiday season, and what it truly means to her in a highly expressive and creative poem—the first to ever grace our magazine. {Continue reading…}

Holly and Maggie with the fairy dollhouse. Image Credit: Hallmark website)Christmas with Holly – A Movie Reminds Us of What Truly Matters: As we wind down the holidays, there is a mix of sadness and hope in the air. We are filled with the sweet memories of the holidays with family and friends. There is also a bit of depression mixed in as we pack up the ornaments and eat the last bit of the leftovers. {Continue reading…}

Image Credit: Loch Lomond Trossachs National ParkA Dedication: In 2004 I was heading to my home town for a Christmas visit with my family. My Gran’s health had not been too good lately, and I was anxious to get back home and visit her in the hospital. I greeted my parents as I always did, with a meaningful hug and… {Continue reading…}

Christmas Tree - Nighttime Featured

Christmas Through Our Eyes – Images of the Holiday: December is one of the most loved months from the year as Christmas arrives with all the joys of the season. Last year we gave readers a glimpse into Christmas through the eyes of our writers in an exclusive celebrating images of the season. {Continue reading…}

Christmas Music

Deck The Halls with Holiday Music – 12 Songs For Your Festive PlaylistWhether we’re shopping at Macy’s and hear it on the speakers, or are ordering a holiday themed coffee from Starbucks, Christmas music is inescapable. To get you in the festive spirit, here is an eclectic mix of 12 Christmas tracks from artists new and old. {Continue reading…}

best holiday cookies

6 Holiday Cookie Recipes You Must TryWhether you’re one that starts the holiday baking the minute Thanksgiving is over (me) or you only prepare treats for Christmas Day, there are so many holiday cookies to choose from. Our writer shares some of her favorites. {Continue reading…}


Re-Gifting with The Girls with GlassesWe’ve all done it. Whether it be a birthday present, something from that aunt who won’t stop treating you like a piece of taffy and tearing at your cheeks, or from your Secret Santa at work, we’ve all re-gifted. {Continue reading…}

Christmas Movies Banner12 of Our Favorite Holiday MoviesSpend these cold Christmas nights basking in the warm glow of your television set with friends and family. In no particular order, our staff shares a few of their favorite holiday movies that you are bound to enjoy this festive season. {Continue reading…}

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Happy holidays! 

Stay tuned as we have plenty in store for you in the new year! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest!

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