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Kickstarter: The Bake Sale Of The 21st Century

Back before the massive power of social media was realized, raising money on a large scale used to be a pretty difficult thing to do. And to some degree, getting thousands or even millions of dollars to fund a creative venture or some other kind of project still is hard. But, through the phenomenon of crowd funding, more of these enormous goals have been met and, in some cases, exceeded. That’s the power of Kickstarter.

Image Credit: Kickstarter

Image Credit: Kickstarter

Crowd funding is a means of pooling money together with others to generate a large sum that will be put toward a specific project or cause. Kickstarter is a website specifically focused on creative projects and ventures, rather than causes, while other sites like GoFundMe let users set up funds for things like paying off medical bills, scholarship funds, and other charitable causes.

Kickstarter launched in 2009 and has since helped fund over 35,000 projects. These projects range from the production of a new board game, the creation of a band or musician’s first album, raising money for independent filmmakers, and helping someone produce their new invention.

In the past couple of weeks Kickstarter has been in the news quite a bit. Why? Well, the creator of the beloved TV show Veronica Mars started a project to raise money for the show’s follow-up movie. The show, which was about a witty young detective, aired from 2004 to 2007 and many fans (myself included) thought it ended too soon. Enter Kickstarter, a way to bring together a bunch of fans who are willing to donate to this long-awaited project.

The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter surpassed pretty much everyone’s expectations and reached its initial $2 million goal in less than one day. As of writing this, the project still has 13 days to go and has just under $4.3 million in donations. That’s pretty impressive and speaks well to the power of social media and what can happen if a lot of people are passionate about something. The success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter has sparked ideas from fans of other TV shows they feel should get a second chance. The possibilities are endless, and many fans are hoping the creators of their favorite shows will take note of the great things that can happen with the help of social media.

Projects on Kickstarter are funded through monetary donations from people who’d like to see that particular project become a reality. The projects are set up by a creator who specifies how much money they’d like to raise and the time frame in which they’d like that goal to be met. There are other optional features that creator can include, like whether or not they’ll offer rewards to those who donate.

The beauty of the website is that if the goal is not met within the time frame, no one who said they would donate loses any money. Only if the project has been 100% funded will the money you pledged be collected from you.

There is no way for Kickstarter to verify the integrity of those running the projects, so it is important to make sure that you trust the creator and know for sure where your money would go if the project reaches its goal.

It seems that with every new social media outlet, a whole new world of possibilities opens for those who take part. Facebook allowed people to reconnect with others from their pasts, Twitter lets you stay up to date with just about everything that is happening in the world, and now Kickstarter and crowd funding are helping people come together to make the dreams of millions come true.

What TV shows do you think should follow in the path of Veronica Mars? Have you ever taken part in crowd funding?

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