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8 Awe-Inspiring Instagram Travel Accounts to Follow

Whether you’re heading overseas on a romantic trip for two or hitting the road with friends, what good is traveling if you can’t find a creative and fun way to share the experience with others? Today, social media has created a trusty and inspired haven through Instagram for users all over the world to share memorable moments on their every trip, while sparking an inspired wanderlust that drives our deepest desires to explore.

The travel category of Instagram can be a bit overwhelming for some as you spend hours sifting through thousands of accounts through destinations and users. But it’s an exciting feat to undertake as it encourages you to head out and dive into an unknown world while leaving your comfort zone for a purposeful existence. If you are in the mood for travel this chilly winter, check out eight of our favorite Instagram travel accounts to follow.

Van City Wild | @vancitywild

Vancouver native couple, Brie and Reuben of Van City Wild are the epitome of “west coast adventurers,” following trailers, climbing mountains and wandering through the wilderness. If you are in dire need of some outdoorsy inspiration, their photo collection will spark your desire to head out to the crisp serene lakes and explore the greatness of nature we so often overlook.

Earth Pics | @earthpics

If you’re one of those users who loves to utilize their Instagram account as a sort of “vision board” for all the places you one day hope to travel to, Earth Pics will be your new favorite. From photographs of places to animals and nature, these images are breathtaking. Curated from users from around the globe, these pics are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Robert Jahns | @nois7

Touted as one of the world’s 50 Best Instagram Photographers to Follow, photographer, Robert Jahns’ surreal scenes feel like images that could only exist in our wildest dreams. With a unique approach to capturing every day images, Mashable reports that Jahns’ images are edited simply with his iPhone. Sharing he loves capturing images of people and landscapes, he says some require about 2 hours of editing, while others can take up to several days.

Kirsten Alana | @kirstenalana 

Not only does this New York-based travel photographer capture images from places far and wide, but her updates are like mini blog posts full of information about the area and her experiences. Moreover, her account is an encouraging one about the good in our world as Alana sets her sights on all things beautiful, kind and inspiring.

Oliver Vegas | @ovunno

While it might not translate directly from Spanish, Vegas describes his photographs in three simple words: grasp, feel and transmit. The Barcelona-born photographer has been searching for different points of view on photography since he started traveling at the age of 17. Though he is currently juggling nomadic photography with sports photography, Vegas doesn’t share any of his sports photos to Instagram. Instead, he takes you around the world through raging rapids, GoPro selfies and unimaginable angles.

Travel Noire | @travelnoire 

If you didn’t know already, but Travel Noire is more than just an Instagram account with hundreds of awe-inspiring images. With the objective that “life is a journey,” the organization sets out four times a year to bring together ambitious photographers in various parts of the world to connect and build life-changing relationships that enable us to discover worlds we never knew existed. Best of all, we love seeing the different points of view captured with these high-quality images.

Brooke Saward | @worldwanderlust

This 24-year-old Australian photographer with restless feet and a desire to see the whole world has a severe case of wanderlust — and we love her all the more for it! With a blog full of tips, lifestyle articles and motivation, Saward’s Instagram account chronicling her adventures from popular vacation destinations with images is incredibly charming. Not to mention, if you are seeking inspiration for your own travels, her account injects a healthy dose of creatively visualizing yourself in every moment.

Olivier Wong | @wonguy974

Wong might be an engineer by profession, but the aspiring visionary doesn’t think in numbers. Nor does he think taking photos is a hobby. Sharing images that dive deep into his passion and desires to better know the world around him, the France-based photographer chronicles the beauty found in everyday life with rousing photographs that dabble with art and light. One of the great things about Wong is he also loves interacting with followers and shares how he processes images, the type of camera he uses, and much more.

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What are some of your favorite Instagram travel accounts to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image: Instagram/vancitywild

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