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7 Decadent Recipes You Have to Make for Chocolate Chip Baking Day

Surprise: Today is another food holiday! For some reason, I can’t seem to tired of them at all no matter how many there are, and I hope you are with me. Ultimately they are just another excuse to enjoy something delicious and we should get behind that any day. Even though I didn’t have a clue this one existed until a few mere weeks ago, this particular food holiday should definitely be on your radar.

It’s National Chocolate Chip Baking Day today! Being that chocolate chips are, well, totally delicious and can go into, well, a great many things this is going to be a very easy and very happy holiday to celebrate. Here are 7 of my favorite ways to use chocolate chips that you can make today.

Doubletree Cookies {via the little kitchen}
The best way to start the celebration of chocolate chips is with a good ole classic chocolate chip cookie. Even if you’ve never stayed at a Doubletree hotel before (okay, me) it’s possible that you’ve heard of or even tried this cookie before. It’s a pretty famous recipe that’s made it’s way around the online food world a time or two. And of course, it’s for a good reason, because these cookies are delicious. They have two specific qualities that set them apart from the regular cookie: 1/2 cup of ground oats which provide a subtle nuttiness and 1/2 tsp of lemon juice which provides a subtle brightness. You can’t specifically taste either of these ingredients, they just work together to provide a really special cookie.

Image Credit: erol ahmed

Chocolate Chip Muffins {via two peas and their pod}
Probably my personal most made recipe on this list, I make them so often I essentially have it memorized. Muffins are such a great thing to have around for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert and you simply can’t go wrong with the chocolate chip variety. What really sets these apart from others is the use of buttermilk, it adds an unmistakable moistness to the muffins without being overwhelming. The major thing to look out for here is to be careful not to overmix the batter, because muffins can get gummy really quick, just mix until everything is combined and then scoop into muffins tins.

Skinny Chocolate Chip Scones {via skinnytaste}
Not only are scones not very popular but they aren’t usually a baked good that are “skinny-fied.” I’m not exactly sure why, maybe it’s because nobody ever thinks about them to begin with let alone enough to care about making them less fattening or maybe it’s that they are seen as difficult to lighten up. Either way, this is a recipe for chocolate chip scones that doesn’t seem like it’s missing anything. Every person I’ve made these for just thinks they are a normal scone. Best yet, they are quick to throw together and don’t use any ingredients that will have you running out to the store.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars {via a family feast}
Everybody knows that you shouldn’t eat raw cookie dough and yet everybody ignores the warning and eats it anyway. What if we just took out the raw eggs to lessen the “risk” of eating it? Then threw a chocolate coating on it for good measure? Sounds like a plan. These bars technically celebrate chocolate chips in two ways: Once in the cookie dough itself and then once in the coating (since you are melting chocolate chips to make it). I love this particular recipe for cookie dough because it’s not too sweet and it really does taste like unbaked chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake {via ina garten}
I have to be honest and get personal for a second — I am on a total bundt cake rage. I want to turn everything into a bundt. I have literally made a bundt cake a week for the last two months…it’s possible that I have a problem. But I think it’s a good problem and now I’m here to try to convince you to have the same problem because bundt cakes are delicious. In my experience, chocolate chip cakes can be hard to get exactly right. They seem simple but I often find them to be dry or too egg-y or lacking flavor. This recipe passes all of those tests, though, and makes the perfect snack-cake or dessert.

Image Credit: bradley johnson

Double Chocolate Cookies {via just so tasty}
Despite being such yummy cookie, I feel like double chocolate cookies kind of get the shaft in favor of the more traditional cookie flavors. It doesn’t make sense because a good chocolate cookie is a chocolate lover’s dream. And this is definitely a recipe for a perfectly lovely cookie. They are richly chocolate and studded with chocolate chips throughout, ensuring that you have double the chocolate in every bite. The best part, though, is that they are soft and moist. No dry and flavorless cookies over here and you’ll want to make these over and over again because of it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites {via cooking classy}
Who doesn’t love bite sized treats, especially a tiny little cookie bite? They are so yummy and addicting that they could have a place in any day at any time. Unfortunately I’ve found these hard to get exactly right at home and resorted to buying them from the store after numerous failures. BUT then I came across this recipe and it worked beautifully. They are the perfect size, perfect texture, and perfect flavor. And let me not forget to mention the yield of this recipe — it’s 12 dozen. That’s 144 cookies. One hundred forty four cookies. Yes, they are little, but nevertheless, if you’ve ever wanted to be drowning in cookies this is certainly the recipe for you.

What do you like to bake with chocolate chips?

Featured image is from slgc on flickr.

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  1. Chantel Keona May 15, 2017 at 12:08 pm #

    Awesome recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. SauceBox June 1, 2017 at 1:14 am #

    Great post! Thanks for the recipes! You’ve got my follow.

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