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After spending several years in social services, Nicole has finally followed her lifelong dream of being a full-time writer. In addition to her work for The Hudsucker, Nicole is also a staff writer for Womanista. An avid comic book fan, BBQ aficionado, professional makeup artist and first-time mom, Nicole can be found exploring Kansas City rich history when she's not blogging about suburban life at Suburban Flamingo.

Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 21 ‘Resist’

Supergirl is DC’s television adaptation of the comic book of the same name. It airs Monday nights at 8/7 Central on The CW. Our writer, Nicole Drum recaps the series each week updating you on the latest episode here in Fly Like a Girl.

Image Credit: The CW

You guys. Cat Grant came back last night. That’s technically not a spoiler since it was in the preview and the teasers for tonight so I feel fully comfortable being excited. Cat Grant is back and, per the always, is right in the action. She gets the best lines of the night, but it’s also an intense episode as we lead into the season finale next week. Just how does Cat get herself into the thick of things this week? Read on after the jump.

So we open up with a really lovely Lena Luthor dressed to the nines asleep on a clearly Daxamite bed. Rhea wakes her and tells Lena that she saved her from Supergirl and that Lena is a marvel. Rhea wants Lena to rule New Daxam beside her. You see, the Daxamite fleet is going nuts on National City. People are being attacked, especially the police department, and Maggie calls Alex for help only to discover that the DEO is also under attack. Alex has to jump off a balcony to escape and is caught by Supergirl who declares they need to hide. A giant, holographic Rhea informs the citizens of National City that they now are in New Daxam.

Back upon the ship, Mon-El is brought in and he’s clearly uncomfortable with Rhea’s invasion. That doesn’t bother her, though. Rhea just tells him about rebuilding Daxam, enslaving human beings and oh by the way she plans to marry Mon-El to Lena. Meanwhile down in the alien bar Alex has turned things into a temporary DEO base. J’onn’s down, James arrives and informs everyone that the Daxamites have actually taken over. Supergirl can’t contact her cousin. Maggie shows up and stuff is bad, but it gets worse. Lillian Luthor shows up offering help. Lillian says she can get them on the Daxamite ship and also points out that the Daxamites have a kryptonite cannon. But everyone rejects Lillian’s offer of help, though she gives Supergirl a burner phone just in case.

Rhea is just enjoying all of this. Enjoying it, that is, until President Marsdin calls her. Turns out the president is on Air Force One heading to National City and Cat Grant is on board. When things get tense between the president and Rhea, Cat steps in. Rhea shuts that down, though and shoots down Air Force One. Cat is sucked out of the plane, but Supegirl saves her. They land in the wreckage of Air Force One only to discover President Marsdin alive and in her true Durlan form with Cat hoping she’s still a Democrat. Time for some explaining. Back at fake DEO, Cat explains that she’s known Marsdin since college and just happened to ride along. President Marsdin explains her history as an alien, that her home was invaded and her people didn’t do anything. It ended badly. She doesn’t want this to end badly. So the president wants Alex to get the positron cannon and shoot down the ship, despite Supergirl’s objection.

More objections await on Rhea’s ship as she tells Mon-El and Lena they will get married or she will murder children at the Luthor Children’s Hospital. She also reveals that she has taken genetic samples of both of them and plans to make an heir with it. She’s creepy, but it works to get Mon-El and Lena to agree to go along with it, for the sake of the children. On Earth, a distraught Supergirl goes outside and talks with Cat about her best friend and boyfriend being on the ship and how she feels selfish for wanting to save them. Cat tells her she’s just being human and gives a great speech about happiness being about who you love and not what you do. Supergirl takes off to save her friends. She reaches out to Lillian Luthor.

So the plan? Lillian wants to use Superman’s Phantom Zone projector to teleport Henshaw and company onto the ship. Supergirl can save Lena and Mon-El, Cat will create a distraction, and Alex will blow everything up. Seems simple so off they go. Rhea is about to marry Lena to Mon-El when Cat’s distraction broadcast telling humans to resist airs and it works. Rhea is distracted. Supergirl and company get to the ship. Henshaw hacks the system, Lena and Mon-El stage their own escape and are found by Supergirl. Alex readies the cannon. And then Lillian betrays Supergirl, taking Lena and escaping. Lillian calls Alex and tells her she can fire. Lena is mad that Supergirl was left, but Supergirl had a plan. Winn bugged Henshaw so that she would still have access to get out. Supergirl then sends Mon-El to safety while she decides to try to go reason with Rhea one more time.

Guardian saves Cat at CatCo, but she knows it’s him. Mon-El ends up at the Fortress and it confuses Lillian, but Mon-El alerts Alex that Supergirl is on the ship. Supergirl tries to talk to Rhea, but it doesn’t work. And before Alex can follow President Marsdin’s orders to fire the cannon, heat vision destroys it. Rhea’s got a secret plan. And that plan? Superman. He shows up and punches Supergirl right in the face.

Next week? Season finale!

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