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5 Reasons to Add a Retinol or Retinoid to Your Skincare Routine Right Now

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While doctors and dermatologists have known for decades the benefits of retinoids when it comes to treating a variety of skin concerns and conditions not everyone is ready to take the plunge and get medical intervention for their acne or fine lines (or, for some of us, both!) Fortunately, over the counter retinols are available for everyone to be able to go that extra mile with their skincare routines.

But why should you add a retinol (or go straight to retinoids) to your skincare routine? Here are five reasons to take the plunge and give retinols (or retinoids!) a try.

They treat and prevent acne

Pimples are the worst. They were the worst when we were teenagers and as adults? It just feels like cruel and unusual punishment to get pimples as a grown up. And before you think the hatred of pimples is a gender-specific thing, think again. Shaving over a pimple is the worst of the worst. Retinols happen to be fantastic for acne treatment. However, when it comes to dealing with acne concerns you actually have an over-the-counter retinoid option. In 2016 the retinoid Differin was approved for over-the-counter use. Just make sure you don’t pair your Differin with your benzoyl peroxide treatment. Retinoids cancel out any benefit you get from benzoyl peroxide.

They’re great for reducing the appearance of wrinkles

If you’re tired of buying creams and serums that promise to smooth lines and wrinkles and not seeing the results you want, retinols and retinoids might just be your golden ticket. Retinoids jump-start cell turnover, which means that collagen production improves and you get smoother, softer skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Retinoids will give you results faster, but if you’re patient, retinols will work well, too and save you a trip to the dermatologist.

They help tone sagging skin

If you feel like your skin isn’t as firm as it used to be unfortunately there are no exercises at the gym that can pump up your face. But before you head straight for fillers, it might be worth the time to stop and give retinoids and retinols a try. When applied to the skin, retinoids promote not just collagen, but elastin and hyaluronic acid production. All of these things help keep the skin tight, supple and well hydrated. All of that means firmer skin, no needles or sweating required.

A little goes a long way

One of the best reasons to add retinols and retinoids to your skincare routine is that, unlike some products where it feels like you have to use a ton to get results, retinols and retinoids work better when you use a small amount each application. That means not only are you getting more out of each container, but you’re getting more benefit from the product as it packs such an effective punch. Save money, look fabulous. Sounds like an excellent option!

They’re as recommended as sunscreen by dermatologists

The most important item in your skincare routine is sunscreen. It’s what we’ve been told for years by doctors, beauty experts and our moms alike. But the second most-recommended skincare product when you ask professionals? Retinoids and retinols. These powerhouse vitamin A derivatives do so many good things for the skin that they’re up there with sunscreen as the magic keys to keeping your skin nice and healthy for the long run. And it’s perfect that they are both so highly suggested because if you use a retinoid or retinol you definitely want to use a sunscreen. They can make the skin a little more sun sensitive so make sure you are definitely protecting yourself from the sun’s rays as you work on restoring your skin to its youthful glory.

Do you use retinoids or retinols? Share your tips and experiences in the comments!


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