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Actor Curtis Lum Talks ‘Supergirl’ and Mermaids

{Image Courtesy of Curtis Lum / IMDb}

Television and pop culture’s enthusiasm for all things superhero and science-fiction as of lately shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

With a plethora of comicbook-inspired shows leading primetime television, The X-Files returning for its 11th and even Freeform’s upcoming mermaid-themed dark fantasy, Siren, set to debut in 2018 — it’s a phenomenal time for TV.

And for actor Curtis Lum, the popularity of these genres isn’t just good entertainment —they’re giving him a chance to shine. 

Previously seen in Supernatural, Arrow and Prison Break, Lum has been making quite the impression over the years with audiences, including his most recent role on television’s adaptation of Supergirl.

In The CW series, the 29-year-old Vancouver born actor plays DEO Agent Demos and reveals that being part of the DC Comics hero drama is like being part of another world.

“Working on Supergirl has been a lot of fun,” Lum said. “The cast is all amazing and the sets that they’ve built are unreal. Nothing gets my inner geek going more than being on a set that feels like you have been transported to another world.”

{Image Credit: The CW / Warner Bros. Television}

That feeling is natural considering the show features aliens literally from other worlds. But according to Lum, it was one alien-centric episode he starred in that was the most fun.

“‘The Martian Chronicles’ was definitely my favorite episode,” Lum said of his first episode on the series. “I got to play with guns and got lit on fire so… I was a happy boy that day!”

However, guns and fire aside, Lum’s character still managed to bring some levity to the episode, which dealt with Supergirl and the DEO dealing with the threat of dangerous White Martians who came to Earth to kill someone close to the team.

“Vasquez [the other character in the scene] and I definitely had some fun banter back and forth,” he said. “There was some tension brewing within the DEO in that episode and we had some nice riffs, but it was still pretty dramatic.”

Lum doesn’t play coy when it comes to drama, but he is relatively mum when it comes to his latest series, Siren, set to premiere March 29 on Freeform.

“I’m not sure how much I can tell you just yet, but I can say that the show is about a coastal town called Bristol Cove and mermaids have come back to land,” Lum explains. “Their stories have never really been told on television before. We take a dark approach to telling their story and I am very confident that it will be a show worth watching.”

On Siren, Lum will play a fisherman named Calvin and while the actor was careful not to reveal too much, he admitted his role on Siren is meatier than that of Demos on Supergirl. Moreover, he revealed that in this new show, the characters would have to be their own heroes.

“Well firstly, my character on Siren is much bigger, but ultimately everything is much more grounded on [Sirens,]” he said. “Even though we are dealing with mythological creatures, we really play it in a way that comes off real. And there isn’t any superhero coming to save us, we all have to find the hero in ourselves.”

{Image Credit: Richie Lubaton}

Finding the hero inside himself is something Lum does regularly, at least in terms of exploring his varied interests.

Outside of acting, Lum is an MC and has an interest in fashion — one that sees him supporting others in their dreams.

“Fashion is something I will always have a passion for as well,” he said. “My clothing designing days are done for now, but thankfully I have talented friends who are still pursuing that dream and I am doing everything I can to help them bring their dreams to reality.”

Lum, who is also supportive of dreamers seeking creative careers shared advice for others looking to pursue acting, designing or anything that happens to be their dream, as well as some honest thoughts on success.

“When it comes to advice on how to be successful, I don’t believe there is any true formula to ‘making it’ or being ‘successful’ other than being yourself, loving yourself, figuring out all of your characteristics that makes you unique and learning to love them,” Lum said.

“Don’t get caught up with the idea of fame and fortune. Just work your ass off and fall in love with the work, your work, because that is really all that you can control. But hey, anything is possible. I wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case.”

Catch Supergirl Mondays on The CW. Siren is set to debut on Freeform March 29. Check your local listings for times.

For more information Curtis Lum, visit his official website and keep up with his projects on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. swordwhale July 4, 2018 at 1:06 pm #

    great show (Siren), fabulous character, great actor… hoping to see more!

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