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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 8 ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ Part 3

Image Credit: The CW

Welcome back. We pick back up with the Flash hour of the Arrowverse crossover event and, like the previous two installments, the last two hours play out seamlessly so be sure to read our special coverage for the Legends of Tomorrow hour to find out how it all ends. Spoilers beyond this point.

We start at the concentration camp our heroes woke up in last hour. They try to figure out how to get out of the camp and back to their own Earth, but quickly realize that they are wearing power dampening collars. Back at STARL Labs, Cisco wakes up and discovers he’s in one of his own holding cells along with the rest of the heroes while upstairs, Reverse Flash and Overgirl are using the fake red sun to “cook” Kara into being powerless. The plan? Soften her skin, rip out her heart, give it to Overgirl. However, Iris and Felicity are hiding in the ducts and hear this plan. They then hatch a plan for rescue and it includes following the ducts to the pipeline to get Cisco and company free.

Back at the concentration camp, an alarm goes off and all the prisoners huddle to the fences. All of them except for the heroes who have no idea what is going on. In walks the Nazis, including Earth-X Nazi Lance who rounds up the heroes along with some other guy and takes them out with the intent to kill them by firing squad. Two things of notes here, Nazi Lance reveals that he likely killed his own daughter because she was bisexual and that random guy is wearing a power dampening collar. It looks like the end for the heroes but Leonard Snart — Citizen Cold on this world — shows up just in time, saving the day and helping the heroes escape. They all head back to the Freedom Fighter’s base.

At STAR, Kara is getting weaker and weaker while Overgirl taunts her and calls her pathetic and tries to justify herself and her horrific ruling of the people of Earth-X. While that’s happening Iris and Felicity make it to the pipeline, but Nazi guards show up. They stop the Nazis, but can’t get the heroes out. Felicity sends a distress call to the Legends and now it’s a race against time.

At the Freedom Fighters’ base, we find out that the random guy is The Ray as well as that Dark Arrow is actually the Fuhrer. The Ray happens to be from Earth-1, though it’s not explained how he got there really or why but there is that red portal thing we saw in the first hour. The heroes know they need to go through it to get home and save Kara, but Earth-X Winn is not having it. He wants to destroy it, trap Evil Oliver on Earth-1 and save Earth-X. That doesn’t sit well with Alex in particular and she tries her best to convince Winn to let them go home. Winn isn’t having it, so Cold convinces The Ray that they should talk to Winn. It’s also revealed that Cold and The Ray are a couple. They are able to convince Winn, sort of. Winn give them one hour to go through and then he’s blowing it up.

Back at STAR, Thawne is ready to cut Kara open. Kara says her cousin will find him and kill him, which Thawne doesn’t take seriously, but it gives Felicity and Iris time to shut down the power. Thawne can’t cut without power and Thawne goes hunting for them so he can restore it. Felicity and Iris attempt to rescue Kara, but are stopped by Nazis. Meanwhile on Earth-X. Oliver takes advantage of being the Fuhrer’s doppelganger and sneaks into where the breach is with the heroes. Inside, Evil Lance reveals that the Doomsday weapon is the Earth-X version of the Waverider. They send it over to Earth-1, but Lance is suspicious so he brings in the Earth-X doppelganger of Felicity. She happens to be in the concentration camp and was giving starving children her rations. This is a crime and Lance wants Oliver to kill her. Oliver can’t. It reveals who he is and a fight ensues and while Oliver wins (and gives Earth-X Felicity a gun) the control for the breach is busted. Oh and Winn decides to cut the hour short when the evil Waverider goes through the breach. He sends something to destroy the breach.

On Earth-1, Thawne threatens Felicity if she doesn’t turn the power back on, but Kara offers herself — and her heart. She doesn’t want anyone to die for her. Power comes back on, Kara is back to being a sacrifice. On Earth-X, the heroes scramble to get to the breach and fight Nazis the whole way. Jax and Stein separate so they can take care of the two tasks that will allow the breach to function without the remote and in the process, something truly horrible happens.

Stein is shot in the back by Nazis.

But the crossover isn’t over yet. Read our next recap for the conclusion.

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