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DC Crossover Week: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ – Episode 8, ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ Part 4

The CW

Here it is, the finale hour of “Crisis on Earth-X.” As with the previous hours, we pick up right where we left off without any break, so spoilers from here.

With Stein now shot, the team desperately tries to get to him, but just can’t. This prompts him to crawl to the switch that will power the breach and he makes it and flips it, but his shot again in the back. Outside, Barry and The Ray manage to stop the weapon Winn sent to blow things up (Winn sent Red Tornado) so with that threat managed, Jax merges with Stein to make Firestorm just so they can get Stein to safety. The whole team plus Cold and The Ray make it to Earth-1.

Back at STAR it’s surgery attempt number two for Thawn, but this time a tiny, minature Ray Palmer stops him — the Legends got the distress call! They rescue the heroes in the pipeline and clear out the Nazis. Thawne and Dark Arrow bail because it’s not safe, leaving Overgirl behind because she’s weak while the heroes return. Metallo also rolls up to stop the heroes but Dark Arrow also shows up. He is determined to get Kara’s heart for Overgirl, but Felicity puts herself between Dark Arrow and Kara. Dark Arrow is prepared to murder Felicity to get to Kara, but Oliver has Overgirl in a compromising position with a knife. Thawne ends up having to speed his cronies away while the heroes destroy Metallo.

On the Waverider, Stein and Jax separate and it’s bad. Jax is also dying because he feels Stein’s injuries and it turns out that the only thing keeping Stein alive is Jax. Mick encounters Citizen Cold and it’s kind of a hilarious exchange where find out that Earth-X Mick died in a fire saving the police.

Realizing that Jax is the only reason he is alive and that it’s also killing Jax, Stein convinces Jax to let him take the serum Cisco made. It would save Jax and Stein would die. Jax can’t handle this, but Stein begs him. Stein loves Jax as his own son and wants to do what all good fathers would do: sacrifice himself for his son. Jax tearfully agrees. Stein takes the serum and Jax holds his hand while Stein dies. It is the saddest thing. Feel free to sob.

The death of Stein impacts everyone on the ship. Jax goes to break the news to Stein’s family and they embrace him with their grief. Keep crying.

The Nazi Waverider shows up. Overgirl is in really bad shape at this point and if she doesn’t get a heart soon, she’s going to explode and take out Earth-1. On the Waverider, the heroes try to figure out what to do. Dark Arrow tries to get them to agree to hand over Supergirl to save the world, but no dice. The team decides to battle on, for Stein.

Dark Arrow attacks Central City and the heroes show up to stop them. It’s an epic, epic fight that there is no description for other than epic. Meanwhile, on the Waverider, the heroes who stayed there go after the Nazi version to shoot it down but encounter an issue with it having shields up. So Killer Frost, Amaya and Zari head over to manually disable those shields while Supergirl lures Overgirl outside for a battle in the sky over Central City. Barry lets Thawne go, and then Gideon informs the heroes that Overgirl is about to explode and Kara has to fly her into space to save the day. Overgirl explodes and a grief-stricken Dark Arrow screams out in anger and agony. He then declares he is going to kill Oliver, but too late. The distraction of Overgirl’s death is the opportunity Oliver needed to kill Dark Arrow. Supergirl falls to Earth, caught by Steel.

The heroes win. The Nazis have been defeated.

Back at STAR, Cisco opens a breach to let The Ray and Cold go back to Earth-X, but Cold elects to stay for a little bit. He doesn’t explain why. With that handled, it’s time to say goodbye to Stein and the heroes attend his funeral. Jax delivers the eulogy but breaks down, only to be embraced by Stein’s family who remind him that he was Stein’s family, too. It’s obvious that they love him and support him, but it’s all so heartbreaking when you think about how close Stein came to getting to go home.

The funeral over, Alex and Sara also say goodbye before Alex and Kara return home. Barry and Iris reveal to Felicity and Oliver they are just going to find a justice of the peace to finish their wedding and then they realize that Diggle can perform the wedding. Barry speeds off and brings Diggle to Central City where he begins to perform the wedding. However, Felicity interrupts and asks Oliver to marry her right there and right then so the West-Allen wedding turns into a double ceremony. The episode and the crossover ends with not just Barry and Iris married to each other, but Felicity marrying Oliver as well.

Next week? It’s back to normal, midseason finale time.

What did you think of this year’s crossover? Are you still crying about Stein as you read this? If so, you’re not alone. Let me know more in comments!

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