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NARS Set to Launch Cult-Classic ‘Orgasm’ as Hued Lip Balm This Year

Image Credit: Nars

As one of the most popular makeup items today, NARS’ Orgasm blush is a product that has achieved cult status and catapulted the beauty line to prominence.

The immaculate flushed coloured-shade of peachy-pink is so universally flattering, that it’s spawned other products within the company’s cosmetic line. And now, minimalist makeup fans will soon have a new variation of that color they can obsess over too.

While backstage at designer Phillip Lim’s New York Fashion Week show on Monday, makeup artists for the beauty brand were seen using a lip balm with the classic “Orgasm” tint on their models. Routinely seen in the form of other products from Nars, this of course was big news for makeup aficionados who wanted in on the latest.

However, beauty junkies everywhere don’t have to fret. While the lip balm was making its soft debut during Fashion Week, NARS is bringing the product to the average consumer later this year. Not to mention, if makeup artist Francelle Daly’s comments to POPSUGAR are even close to the actual experience of this balm, its destined to become a cult favorite, too.

“This is amazing because it really is that iconic shade of Orgasm that’s a cult classic from NARS — as you know — and it’s a balm,” Daly said. “It’s not sticky, it has a hint of pink, and it can go on anybody’s lip tone. It really elevates that natural lip tone that everybody wants right now. You can have that commitment of color, but it’s not a full, smacky, shiny lip. It’s really just going to add a depth.”

The lip balm will join other products in NARS’ Orgasm collection, including the iconic blush, lip gloss, sheer illuminator, satin finish lipstick, liquid blush and the Multiple stick.

While the company has not yet finished the final product, there is no official packaging or specific release date yet. However, reports state the NARS Orgasm Lip Balm is set to launch late Spring or Summer of 2018.

Our makeup senses are tingling because we definitely sense another instant cult classic and can’t wait!

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