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The Pretty Files: Hair Care

The most universal beauty “problem” out there involves hair. How many times have you struggled with a “bad hair day” or argued with some aspect of your hair’s texture or appearance that you simply didn’t like? I have personally waged various battles with my hair in an attempt to make it look the way I […]

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How to Wear This Season’s Power Color: Yellow

Bright, luxurious colors rocked all the runways recently, and yellow is one of this summer’s biggest trends. Yellow is bold and charming, and is associated with energy, joy, and freshness. Who wouldn’t like a little more joy in their lives?

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The Pretty Files: Drugstore Beauty

Well the end of May is here and that means schools are out, people are working, and we’re all thinking about vacation. That usually means two things: travel and money.

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The Pretty Files: Play Time – MAC’s Playland Collection

I am a big MAC  fan. I am especially a fan of their lipstick and at any given time you’ll find about four tubes in various colors and finishes hanging out in my purse. I don’t go anywhere without my ‘lip glass’ (MAC’s term for lip gloss) in Beaux. Their products are a staple of […]

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The Pretty Files: Mascara

Hello pretties! In a previous installment of The Pretty Files we talked about winged eyeliner as a way to bring some drama to our eyes. It was a lot of fun, but eyeliner isn’t the only way to bring some simple interest to the eyes. In fact, one of the easiest ways to do so […]

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The Pretty Files: Spring 2014 Trend

They tell me that spring is almost here. I’m inclined to believe them as I was able to forgo a coat for the last couple of days and even managed to break out my flip-flops one day last week. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about the warmer weather not only […]

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The 86th Annual Academy Awards: Who Wore It Best?

After months of anticipation and various other award shows, last night was the big night! The 86th annual Academy Awards finally took place with all of the winners, nominees, presenters and celebrity guests dressing their absolute best to celebrate the year in film. There were big trends on the red carpet seen with specific attention to detail, […]

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The Pretty Files: Fuss-Free Valentine Curls

I don’t know about you, but there are things that I just associate with Valentine’s Day.  Roses, pink t-shirts, decorated sugar cookies, and Hallmark cards all make me think of the holiday I personally refer to as Love Day. It’s not just typical things that draw the association, though. There are cosmetic things that just […]

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The Pretty Files: Winging It Eyeliner Tutorial

Winged eyeliner. Cat eyes. Swoosh lid. Whatever you want to call it, the makeup look where the eyeliner goes just beyond the edge of the eye and upward is hot right now.  It can look both classy and sexy, casual and done up, polished and effortless.  It can also strike fear in the hearts of […]

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Fabulous Fall Fashion Basics

Cold temperatures?  Check.  Shorter days?  Check.  Leaves changing colors or snow (depending upon where you live)? Check.  You know what  this means?  FALL FASHION WEATHER!  It’s time to bust out the sweaters and the boots and the layers!  Fall is pretty much my favorite time of year for fashion and style.  I find it to […]

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The Pretty Files: Winter Skincare

I was looking at the weather forecast tonight and discovered that much to my near-horror, they are calling for snow and/or ice this week. Snow! Ice! I’ve managed to avoid turning on my furnace for anything more than a cursory knock-the-chill-of-the-morning-off moment, but I strongly suspect that is about to change.  I’m still in a […]

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The Pretty Files: Beauty in the Mail

You like makeup.  You are kind of a skincare junkie.  You enjoy trying all kinds of new and unusual products, but you don’t really have the time or the money to go out and buy the latest, the greatest, and the most-hyped thing.  What are you to do?  Go broke over that super trendy new […]

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The Pretty Files: All About Red Lips

A friend asked me one day what were the most common things people asked me in regards to makeup.  I had been working for a prestige skincare and cosmetics line for only a few months, but even as a rookie I had a fast answer for her: how to do dramatic eyeliner, how to hide […]

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